#Video: Shakira’s children make it clear that they are bored and do not want to spend time with Gerard Pique in this viral video

Shakira sang for the first time liveMusic Session #53″ some days ago. The Colombian introduced herself on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” together with the Argentine producer Bizarrap and soon became a sensation. One of the details that most attracted attention that day was the presence of the children of the Barranquillera in the study.

In the last days, much was said about how the children of Shakira could be affected before so much exposure. Since the singer of “Barefoot” announced their separation to the children They have done nothing more than be on everyone’s lips. It is that many point that their mother sets a bad example when singing the hit he wrote against his father in front of them.

However, the children of Shakira are happy with the promotion that your mother has accomplished in her career. Even the Colombian detailed on the Jimmy Fallon show that “the session 53 with ‘Biza’ is the result of a suggestion from Milan. He told me ‘mommy, you have to do something with bizarrethat He is the Argentine god”. Nor should we forget that the choreography of “I congratulate you” was a suggestion from his children.

Everytime that Shakira appears next to them both Milan and Sasha they seem happy. However, the same is not the case when They are with Gerard Piqué. Even during the match in which said goodbye to Barcelona and professional football both were quite upset when the former player called them to pose next to him in that last photograph.

In the last few hours a new video went viral. This time he stayed again clearly the children of Shakira they definitely get bored and don’t want to spend time with Gerard Pique. unlike the times who have appeared with the Colombian here there are no smiles, only serious faces before the exhibition that they did not want to have.

The images belong to the final of the Kings League, a league in which Gerard Piqué It is one of the protagonists. “They couldn’t be more bored”, “They don’t look happy, they look bored”, “They are not comfortable«, «It seems as if they want to leave», are just some of the comments that some netizens left under the video.