#Video: Taylor Swift caught dancing and singing Shakira songs at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards

The night of this Tuesday, September 12, Taylor Swift starred in an unforgettable moment at the 2023 MTV Video Awards. everything happened when Shakira took the stage to receive the Video Vanguard award, as a tribute to his career and sing his most famous hits clike TQG”, “Te Felicito” and “Whenever, Wherever”, which He made the American singer sing and dance.

The vibe that the singer had throughout the awards night, caused great astonishment among netizens, since, nor was she only caught dancing and singing the Barranquillera songs, if not it also showed his excitement at seeing her move her hips on stage.

Bizarrap reacts to Taylor Swift dancing to one of her songs

Without a doubt, another of the unique and unexpected moments that Taylor gave during the Colombian singer’s performancewas singing his most recent hit with Bizarrap “Music Sessions, Vol. 53”, Well, I can’t stop enjoying and dancing. to the rhythm of the song not a single moment. This fact was captured and it reached the eyes of the Argentine, who shared the video on his social networks feeling proud having conquered the American company with its collaboration.