Video: the moving story of Monika, the dog who walked again thanks to four titanium prostheses

It is the story of a survivor: Monika, a Russian dog, was able to walk again after an operation in which they inserted her four titanium prostheses, in a very rare procedure, expensive and financed entirely by the internet.

Operated two weeks ago, the beige-furred dog looks tired and still moves fearfully. But walk.

“Luck and experience played a great role”, says modest Sergei Gorshkov to the agency AFP, the 33-year-old veterinarian behind this feat at the “Best” clinic in Novosibirsk, in Siberia.

The dog was found in an “abominable” state in a forest in southwestern Russia

It is the first time that an operation of this type has been carried out on a dog, after having done it on a cat in 2019.

Monika’s story goes back a long way. In December 2020, was found dying in a Krasnodar forest, in southwestern Russia. Its four legs were covered in wounds.

“Nobody knows what happened to him, some volunteers think that someone cut off his legs for cruelty”Explains Gorshkov.

A Russian dog walks again after putting four prostheses on her legs
Monika was successfully operated on at the “Best” clinic in Novosibirsk, Siberia

Poor Monika, whose age is estimated between 2 and 4 years, I could have ended up like so many injured wandering dogs: down or dead in a slow and painful way.

But a group of volunteers from Krasnodar rallied for her. Alla Leonkina tells the AFP who, together with a friend, took care of her for almost a year. “I was in an abominable state,” remember.

A Russian dog walks again after putting four prostheses on her legs
Monika’s prostheses were made with a 3D printer

They also created a money pit on the internet to fund an operation for the animal. In one month, the group raised more than 400,000 rubles (4,800 euros, $ 5,500), a significant amount in Russia.

Monika’s guardian angels also funded the creation of prostheses, made with a 3D printer. One of the legs broke after placement, forcing the vet to redo another attempt six months later.

(With information from AFP)

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