#Video: The spectacular wedding of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in front of their family and friends

The celebrity couple Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck They were married on Saturday, for the second time in just over a month, in a lavish ceremony at the star’s property.Good Will Hunting”, US media reported.

The lovebirds, who were already married in Las Vegas in mid-July, they did it again in front of friends and family at Affleck’s 35-acre waterfront resort in the state of Georgia, in the southeastern United States.

Among the types of Hollywood who attended the three day event they were Matt DamonAffleck’s longtime friend, and director kevin smithreported the magazine People. Other actors such as George Clooney, Jane Fonda, Renee Zellweger and the presenter Jimmy Kimmel. They did not come, despite being invited, neither Jennifer Garner nor Ben’s brother, Casey Affleck.

Guests wore all white while Lopez donned a Ralph Lauren dress made in Italyaccording to foxnews.

The published images by celebrity gossip site TMZbefore the wedding they showed the seating arrangements for dinner on what appeared to be a large covered pier. The media also pointed out that the couple arrived in a boat.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck they made a pretty spectacular entrance to their second wedding ceremony on Saturday night… he looked great but she… well, wow”, he reviewed TMZ.

“JLo” chose a flowing white mermaid dress with a taildesigned by Ralph Lauren, and covered his head with a lvery long veil placed on a collected. Affleck wore a tuxedo with a white shirt and jacket. and bow tie and black pants.

The couple walked a huge white carpet followed by their respective children. The three that Affleck, 50, had with the actress Jennifer Garner (Violet, Seraphina and Sam) and the twinsEmme and Maxthat the singer, 53, had with Marc Anthony.

The ceremony was held on a plantation owned of the actor in Georgia, in the southeastern United States, in a mansion valued at 8.9 million dollarsthough the food enjoyed by the guests was more “informal”, with a menu composed for barbecue and traditional Puerto Rican food -pork chops, rice and vegetables- and also southern food, macaroni and cheese and grilled chicken.

For its part, foxnews He reported that an unidentified man was removed in an ambulancewithout details about his condition.

Although the ceremony took place on Saturday, the celebration started on friday and it will last throughout the weekend.

The couple first met on the set of the film “Gigli”, widely criticized, in 2002. He is 50 years old and she is 53.

They became a media sensation when they came outbut they postponed their planned nuptials for 2003 and then they announced that their relationship had ended in early 2004.

bennifer”, the couple’s public nickname from their highly publicized first relationship, set the internet on fire last year when photos of them together began to circulate again.