#Video: The strategy of “Grupo Firme” to differentiate itself from “Los Tigres del Norte”

Firm Group is without a doubt one of the most successful regional Mexican music bands in our country. The group always wants give the best to your audienceand it is for this reason that all the time it tries to renew its presentations and stand out from the rest of the groups.

Recently Firm Group resorted to a very interesting strategy to be able to differentiate itself from The Northern Tigers, your main “competition” in the environment of regional Mexican music.

Firm Group will be presented next September 25 in the Zócalo, and many fans of Los Tigres del Norte assure that Grupo Firme is “copying” and “imitating” everything that Los Tigres del Norte do.

The Northern Tigers gathered more 130 thousand people in the Zócalo on September 15. His presentation began last 9:00 p.m. and the public stayed despite the rain. Unfortunately the presentation was not broadcast by television and the public that could not attend the Zócalo was disappointed.

“You who were part of this event, of this movement, We have the following surprise for you. Therefore, dear Mexico City and the neighboring cities, Firm Group will be presented in the Zócalo of the capital”, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo assuredHead of Government From Mexico City.

the show of Firm Group will start at 8:00 p.m. and unlike the Los Tigres del Norte show, Grupo Firme’s presentation will be broadcast through the public television channels Capital 21 and Canal 14, as well as on official social networks of the Government of Mexico and of Sheinbaum.

What happened to Grupo Firme in Las Vegas?

Last September 15Eduin Caz and Firm Group showed up in town from Las Vegas, Nevada. The show was one of the most anticipated of the band and the group’s fans who are in that city. Everything was going well, until at one point the young man began to feel annoyed.

According to the famous journalist as “Chamonic”there is a video that is circulating on social networks dwhere Eduin Caz is seen very upset. Apparently the young man received instructions to finish the show before 01:00 in the morning last friday 16 of September. It’s known that Firm Group always lengthen their performances, as the band wants their fans go home with a smile on their face.