#Video: The Swedish Loreen wins the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 for the second time

Swedish Loreen won the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 with the song “Tattoo” in Liverpool, in the north of England, becoming the first woman to triumph for the second time in the contest.

the finn Käärijä, a rapper who wore green bolero sleeves, came second. He won the viewers’ vote, but it was not enough to unseat to Loreen after the result of the juries from the 37 participating countries.

“It’s been crazy,” Loreen said. in a broadcast interview to journalists after his victory. “I’m gratefull”.

Loreen is the second person to have won the contest twice.something achieved for the first time by Irishman Johnny Loganand his victory places to Sweden at the height of Ireland like the countries most Eurovision winners.

The 67th edition of the music festival was held in the “City of Pop” instead of Ukraine, last year’s winner, who couldn’t hosting this year due to the Russian invasion.

The organizers had the difficult task of placing Ukraine in the center of attention and avoid any overt political message something that is not allowed in the contest.

The Kalush orchestra, winner in 2022, mixed recorded videos in Ukraine with live performances in Liverpool in an opening sequence that included a cameo appearance by Princess Catherine of Wales playing the piano.

The contest organizerthe European Broadcasting Union, banned the ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, addressing viewers around the world, That the last year it was 160 million.

The European Union stated that acceding to his request, made with “laudable intentions” it would go against the apolitical nature of the contest and its rules, which prohibit making political statements.