Video: The terrifying moment a gunman opened fire in a San Francisco synagogue

A shocking video of the shooting that occurred in synagogue of San Francisco last week it was broadcast this Monday.

The episode occurred last Wednesday, when Dmitry Mishin51, of San Francisco, entered the Schneerson Center from Balboa Street, where religious services and classes are held along with social activities for the local Russian Jewish community.

Surveillance video released without sound by KTVU-TV It showed the man in a baseball cap, jacket, and sneakers walking into a room with more than a dozen people seated at a table. The man waved his hands before pulling out a gun and firing. Apparently, he told one of the men inside: “I’m going to teach you something.”

Struggling to ready his weapon, Mishin fires several shots around the room while the diners remain completely quiet, one of the men even brushing past Mishin as he makes a phone call outside.

When an old man approached him, Mishin went to the door, saluted, and left.

mattie pilpresident of the synagogue, told the San Francisco Chronicle that her husband, the rabbi Bentzion Pil, I was sitting at a table with about 25 elders participating in a study session when a man walked in.

When asked where he came from, the man said he was from mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency. He then pulled out the gun, according to Mattie Pil.

The diners seemed calm, but the rabbi said they were stunned.

“We were shocked,” he said. “Nobody expected it. She was about to go to the kitchen for a knife… but the whole thing lasted like 20 seconds.”

There were no injuries or damage and investigators believe the man used blank bullets.

The disturbing posts on social media, believed to be from Mishinalso suggest that the shooter might have affiliations with extreme right either neo-nazis.

The man was arrested on Friday night in the district of Richmond on suspicion of disrupting a religious gathering, brandishing an imitation firearm and causing another person to refrain from participating in a religious service, police said in a statement.

Mishin entered prison shortly before 12:30 p.m. on Saturday and remained detained without bailas reported by the San Francisco Sheriff’s Office on its website.

It was not immediately known if he had an attorney speaking on his behalf.

One day before that shooting, Mishin is believed to have walked into a cinema located several blocks away on Balboa Street, brandished a weapon and fled, according to police. There were no shots.

(With information from AP)

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