#Video: These were Rebecca Jones’s favorite spaces in her luxurious apartment in Polanco

The news of The death of Rebecca Jones shocked the world of entertainment. She died at the age of 65 after a hard battle against ovarian cancer. The actress and producer had been facing him to the disease since 2018. at the end of last year she had been hospitalized and for various complications, he was not discharged.

In recent years It was Maximilian, the son of Rebecca Jones, one of his most faithful squires. As soon as she started to get worse He moved into his mother’s apartment. Since the day she found out that his mother had cancerhe took over to help the actress in her battle.

Even Alejandro Camacho got rid of praise for your child for care and the role that t fulfilledall these years “Integrity, strength, intelligence and integrity of Max have made Rebecca now alive.” held the ex of the actress last year before she was admitted. Despite the fact that they had been separated for a long time he was also very present.

Undoubtedly the son of Rebecca Jones He was a great partner in this fight that the actress carried out. Maximiliano had moved with her to his luxurious apartment in Polanco so that nothing was missing. The actress used to share several of the spaces of his residence from his social networks. From there she let see whenever he could what were the areas where he most liked to spend time.

The good taste and elegance of Rebecca Jones were embodied in each of the spaces from his department. Large windows abounded while the wicker room always knew how to capture the attentiontion of his followers. In most of the photos she posted flowers, pictures and plants abounded.