#Video: They capture a man beating a puppy in the Narvarte neighborhood, CDMX

Through social networks a user posted a video where they caught a man at the moment who attacked a dog near Parque Delta, Mexico City.

The user who shared the video made a call to reveal the identity of the “insane”, after it will be observed as the alleged owner began to beat the pet for no apparent reason.

“The most important thing is to identify him to prevent it from continuing to harm the animal,” he added.

Mr. civic, who shared the video, specified that the event occurred on Uxmal street, between Obrero Mundial and Esperanza in the Narvarte neighborhood, where security cameras close from Parque Delta captured the moment when the subject seems to look to the sides watching that there is no one and out of nowhere he picks up the animal and begins to hit it with a closed fist.

The situation animal abuse was immediately condemned by users on social networks, who demanded that they report and arrest him.

There were even some users who apparently identified it like Manuel Sanchez Escamilla, claiming that they knew him and that the dog It didn’t even belong to him, since it presumably belonged to his girlfriend.