#Video: They make the first organ donation of 2022 in IMSS of Zacatecas

With family applause and medical personnel from the General Hospital of Zone 1 of the IMSS in Zacatecas they fired a 24-year-old man who was brain dead from head trauma, who he donated his heart and kidneys.

Is donation becomes the first organ procurement in 2022, since in 2021 the Donation and Transplant Program, suspended due to the Covid-19 contingency.

The young man’s parents are workers of the Mexican Social Security Institute, assigned to the Cleaning and Hygiene area, who decided to fulfill the will of their son who in life expressed his desire to be a donor.

After this determination, the medical staff of this hospital with the support of two multidisciplinary teams they were able to successfully procure and harvest organs.
The IMSS authorities reported that the heart went to the High Specialty Medical Unit No. 34, located in Monterrey, Nuevo León; while the kidneys were sent to the National Medical Center of the West of Jalisco.

Before the surgical procedure began, the medical, nursing, cleaning and hygiene staff stood in the corridor and applauded the young man who was transferred on a stretcher to the operating room.

Thanks to this humanitarian act, it means a new hope of life for other people who are on the waiting list, while for relatives it is also a way of saving lives and that their child continues to live through other people.