Video: they revealed the last images of the captain of a Russian submarine moments before he was assassinated

A chilling video showed a former Russian submarine commander running through a park minutes before he was shot dead, as police authorities announced the arrest of a Ukrainian in connection with the murder.

The pictures show Stanislav Rzhitsky42 years old, deputy head of military mobilization in krasnodar – who had previously commanded the Krasnodar submarine in the Black Sea and was blacklisted by Ukraine as a suspected war criminal – running through his local park around 6 a.m. Monday.

A man on bike appears to be following the former navy officer, although he is not believed to be the perpetrator of the bombing.

Shortly after Rzhitsky, dressed in blue jogging gear, was seen jogging through the rain-soaked park, an armed man ambushed him and shot him four times in the back and chest with a Makarov pistol. He died instantly.

rzhitsky could have tracked his movements on an exercise app, sharing details of his usual running route and the time it took to complete it, he reported. Asseta Russian Telegram channel linked to security services.

Russian media have speculated that Rzhitsky may have been tracked on the Strava fitness app.

In connection with the murder, Russian security forces A 64-year-old man was arrested Tuesday identified as Sergey Denisenkomarried and father of six children, former president of a Ukrainian karate federation.

According to the Investigative Committee of Russia, the country’s main federal investigative body, the man “is under investigation for his involvement in the murder of Stanislav Rzhitsky, deputy head of the mobilization department of the Krasnodar city administration.”

This is the first arrest in the case, which was widely discussed in the local press.

The agency posted a video on its official Telegram channel showing Denisenko’s detention in the resort town of Tuapsein the Black Sea.

In the recording, heavily armed SWAT officers they break into a house where a man in his underwear is seen cowering on the floor.

The authorities state that during Denisenko’s detention, police seized a Makarov pistol with silencer believed to be the murder weapon.

After his capture, Denisenko allegedly admitted to killing Rzhitsky by order of the Ukrainian security services, as reported by the Russian news channel shot on Telegram, citing an anonymous source. The man stated that He had been preparing the attack since December.

Two days after Rzhitsky’s murder, Denisenko planned to flee to Türkiye and then to Switzerlandbut was stopped before he had a chance to escape.

Sergey Denisenko
Sergei Denisenko, the suspect in carrying out the murder

In a statement, the head of Ukrainian military intelligence, Kyrylo Budanovrejected the claim that Ukrainian intelligence was behind Rzhitsky’s murder.

“Statements by some media and politicians that the GUR has something to do with the death of Stanislav Rzhitsky are groundless,” Budanov said.

Writing on Telegram on Tuesday, Budanov said that the “roots” of the murder of the former submarine captain “must be sought within Russia itself.”where the internal protest against the war in Ukraine grows.”

Ukrainian authorities suggested that Rzhitsky may have been targeted by his own military for refusing to attack Ukrainian cities.

In a statement, the Department of Strategic Communications of the Armed Forces of Ukraine stated that Rzhitsky was “eliminated by his own for refusing to continue carrying out the combat orders of the command.”

Stanislav Rzhitsky
Ukrainian media speculated that Rzhitsky was aboard the submarine that launched missiles at the city of Vinnytsia.

A source told Russian news channel Telegram VCHK-OGPU that the assassin had chosen “an extremely strange place” to carry out the hit: a few steps from the Krasnodar office of the Russian security service FSB and from the special forces base alpha.

Rzhitsky was suspected of involvement in a submarine-launched cruise missile attack on the city of Vinnitsain western Ukraine, in July 2022, which killed at least 23 people, including three children.

His address and personal information appeared on the Ukrainian website myrotvorets (Peacemaker), an unofficial database of people considered enemies of Ukraine.

Stanislva Rzhitsky
Rzhitsky’s record with the word “liquidated” in the “Mirotovets” database

Following his murder, the word “Liquidated” in red letters was superimposed on Rzhitsky’s photo on the site.

But Rzhitsky’s father declared to Asset that his son had resigned from the navy at the end of 2021 – before the outbreak of the war – and had been formally discharged, after a delay, in August.

“He was not involved in the war in any way,” his father stated. At the time of his murder, Rzhitsky was acting as deputy head of the mobilization department of the city of Krasnodar.

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