#Video: They say the last goodbye to Ignacio López Tarso with an emotional tribute in Fine Arts

just a few days agothe actor surprised us with his unfortunate in unexpected news, Well, even though I was in the hospital fighting pneumonia and intestinal obstruction, it was said that his health was improving but apparently, su body no longer held.

so this weekend it became known what happened and now that your body and soul are resting, he was given an emotional farewell to remember all his trajectory and say the last goodbye as alone he deserved.

They give emotional tribute to Ignacio López Tarso in Fine Arts

After his death, the body of the actor was being watched over door closed by his closest family and friends at a funeral home south of Mexico City, where it was later transferred to Fine Arts, Well, they already had it prepared. a posthumous event.

And it is that in the enclosure they gave him the last goodbye Mr. Ignacio López Tarso with a very special tribute, They already had a giant image of him to remember him, as well as some white flower crowns and more photos of the actor plus some guards by his son and colleagues.

Some friends who attended his funeral, shared some emotional words, anecdotes they had with the actor and moments that will never be forgottensuch as Sergio Corona, César Costa, Leticia Calderón who remembered when they did the soap opera together EmeraldLuisa Huertas and more.

After all the emotional wordsthe tribute of Ignacio Lopez Tarso ended with some songs of mariachi, as well as applause and cheers for the actor and send him off as he deserves. After this event, the body of López Tarso was taken to the funeral home but a new tribute will be paid to him at the San Jerónimo theater and then be cremated.

The actor was a big man in the acting industry.as well as a great person and friendbecause in this tribute it was shown that he had many people who loved him very much. RIP, Don Ignacio.