#Video: This is the relationship that Michelle Salas has with her great-grandmother Silvia Pinal

Silvia Pinal his birthday was on September 12. Thanks to his career, his surname has managed to be associated with that of an entire artistic dynasty in the country. The “diva of Mexico He got married up to 4 times leaving one of the most famous family trees at the national level. She used to be a kind of monarch in his family who laid the foundation so that his offspring would inherit all his talent.

The actress was only 17 years old when she married Rafael Banquells in 1947. for those years Silvia Pinal took his first steps in the world of theater. after getting married cinema and television welcomed her with open arms. And although their relationship was not that of a “crazed” love As a result of their marriage, they had their first daughter. Sylvia Pasquel. Her eldest daughter married Mikes Salas.

To this union we owe the birth of michelle halls, Luis Miguel’s daughter and who had to go through more than one battle to be recognized. Today she is an influencer on social media and a famous model. With her own trajectory she managed to conquer the fashion industry and earn the recognition of the big brands.

But there is something with which I never has had to deal with and that is love how he feels about his great-grandmother Silvia Pinal. Because of her career, Michelle travels a lot. and sometimes he is out of the country more than she wanted. Therefore for the birthday of the “diva of Mexico” did not want to miss the opportunity express all your love from your Instagram account.

“Congratulations to the queen of my heart. You’re always on my mind I love you infinitely”, wrote Michelle Salas next to a clip that gathers Silvia Pinal’s best moments as an actress. “Thanks to life for putting you in my path. congratulations grandpa”, added next to the emoji of a red heart. The influencer also added a tender postcard of the video call he had with his great-grandmother making it clear that the relationship he maintains with her is of the purest love.