#Video: This is what the ‘ring of fire’ looked like due to the eclipse that put Mexicans in the shade

He annular solar eclipse, also known as the ‘ring of fire’, occurred on October 14, 2023, leaving Mexicans in the shadows, who, of course, captured the best images of the astronomical phenomenon.

In In various parts of Mexican territory, the annular solar eclipse could be observed, which, according to the POTit is usually one of the longest, reaching last more than 10 minutes above the skyalthough usually people from the ground can only appreciate it for up to five minutes.

He astronomical phenomenon captivated Mexicans and, through social networks, they showed their best postcards of the annular solar eclipse of this 2023.

through account from SkyAlert, some shared photographs of the ‘ring of fire’ that are observed in the sky.

Users share photos of the 2023 solar eclipse

In CDMX this astronomical event was visible and citizens took the opportunity to capture the moment the solar eclipse occurred. Photos of what was observed in the sky were shared by social media users.

From Tapachula, Chiapas, a user shared How the solar eclipse was seen there.

When will another annular solar eclipse be seen in Mexico?

He annular solar eclipse was so important to see since an astronomical phenomenon like this had not occurred in Mexico since 1994 and now, It will take 33 years for something like this to happen again.

The next annular solar eclipse visible from Mexico will occur on January 16, 2056. Although there is another event that will soon appear in the sky and can also be seen from our territory.

On April 8, 2024, several regions of Mexico will experience 100% darkening due to a total solar eclipse. just like what happened in 1991.