Video: this was the moment when Gignac sang with the MS Band live

André-Pierre Gignac enjoy your vacation in the break that allows the end of the tournament of the Liga MX. For this reason, the forward of the feline group attended a concert by the Banda MS by Sergio Lizárraga and he had the grace to take the microphone and sing one of the songs.

The moment came when Alan Ramirez, a member of the musical band, found the French footballer in the crowd and decided to approach him to offer him the microphone, so the 10 of the Tigers He did not hesitate to sing the song that was resounding at that moment, Do not ask me for forgiveness.

The MS band performed in front of thousands of spectators at the Monterrey Arena last weekend. In addition to the presence of the Gallic battering ram, Alan Pulido He also attended the musical show, because through his social networks he broadcast different parts of the concert.

It is not the first time that Gignac has seen himself singing songs by the MS Band (Daniel Becerril / REUTERS)

It is not the first time that the European soccer player has been observed showing off his skills as a singer of regional Mexican music, since since he arrived in Mexico he has carried out a complete adaptation to the national culture and has turned him into an authentic Mexican soccer idol.

In the last national month, the captain of the felines took advantage of a dinner out to instill Mexican culture in his compatriot and new companion Florian thauvin. In that episode, both French footballers sang My greatest desire of own MS band.

A few months ago, Gignac was doing preseason with his team in the vicinity of the Riviera Maya, and during a few minutes of rest, he could be seen lying on a bunk where he showed off his skills as a singer and performed again. My greatest desire of the Sinaloan group.

“Your caresses … To be of you to love you, until eternity to love you …”, he is heard at the top of his lungs at the Bomboro in a post that was released on Twitter.

La Banda MS and Mexican soccer

Pumas fans attend the Olympic University, despite COVID-19 restrictions prior to a Liguilla duel at Guardianes 2021 (video: Twitter / @ elnotasgto) (Twitter @ elnotasgto)

This is not the first time that the recognized songs of the band of Sinaloa origin have resonated among the players that make up the national football. One of the best known cases within the MX League It was the cabal that adopted the feline ensemble of the Pumas of the UNAM.

During the Liguilla of the tournament Guardians 2021, when nobody gave anything for those led by Andres Lillini, the Pedregal team could sneak in until the final of the contest where they faced the León team.

But the custom arose when Pumas showed on his social networks a video in which the technician Lillini was already shown Israel Lopez, his technical assistant, singing very inspired said theme of the Mexican regional. From that moment, the Pumas decided to include the song as an amulet to face the Liguilla.

Pumas faced adversity in that tournament (Photo: Henry Romero / REUTERS)
Pumas faced adversity in that tournament (Photo: Henry Romero / REUTERS)

From that moment, social networks began to do their thing and a large part of the Auriazul fans began to resonate the issue as part of the support of the university team. And despite the fact that the group was not present in this regard with the cabal carried out by the club, Alan Ramirez, vocalist of the group did send a message to the team through their networks.

“How are you, friends of Pumas? I’m Alan Ramírez, lead singer of Banda MS, good luck in your next game. A hug for all “, released the singer in a video.


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