#Video: Unrecognizable! Alejandro Fernández surprises by poor appearance at the Horse Fair

It seems that the days when Hundreds of women were captivated to fainting with the mere presence of Alexander Fernandez on the stages have been forgotten because the singer appeared in the Horse Fair, in Texcoco with a unrecognizable look.

They began to circulate on social networks photos and videos of the presentation “The foal” that worried their fans, although they also they were mocked before the deteriorated image what does the son look like of the late Vicente Fernández.

And it is that, apparently, again the interpreter of “Like who loses a star” appeared under the influence of alcohol now during the Horse Fair 2023 in Texcoco, surprising the public.

In the videos that circulate on social networks, the Foal is observed with a strange countenance on his face and even deteriorated and with tousled hair, however, What caught the most attention was that the singer wore without his characteristic buttone of its best-known attractions.

It was even the subject of memes, well many of his fans are already wondering if this part of his body was stolen, They even claimed to be mourning his sudden disappearance.

ZHundreds of Internet users immediately commented on the appearance of the singer and They also assured that he needs to fill the charro suit from the rear and they even recommended him to do squats so that it looks like in its best years again.

“What a pity to see him like this, he was gorgeous and now there is not even a shadow of what he was before”, “How sad thatthat addictions lose them to that degree, I hope I get out of that, He was a singer admired for his attractiveness”, “The physical change of this man is impressive”, wrote Internet users.

While others claimed that everything to serve ends and they did not stop comparing the Foal of the past with the current one.

«He is very thin», «How deteriorated he looks, there is nothing left of what was, He clearly needs help”, “The truth is, I think he needs help”, “Another clear example that drugs destroy”, they said.