#Video: What do you see? Viral image of fumarole in Popocatépetl causes fear for prophecy

The viral image of Popocatépetl and Iztaccihuatl in a fumarole who issued the volcano who has been in constant activity in recent days, It causes fear on social networks due to the Tlaxcalan prophecy.

In the image circulating on social networks The photo has been analyzed by netizens and ensure that It is the Tlaxcalan warrior Popocatépetl carrying his beloved Iztaccihuatl.

In the photograph you can see the huge fumarole emitted from the volcano Popocatépetl and what appears to be a silhouette.

Internet users dedicated themselves to outlining this image and has given as result something shocking, beautiful, but chilling at the same time.

Everything seems to indicate that the fumarole let me see the Tlaxcalan warrior and the princess Iztaccíhuatl that goes back to the prophecy.

What does the Tlaxcalan prophecy say about Popocatépetl and Iztaccihuatl?

According to tlaxcalteca prophecy the two mountains represent to a maiden and a Tlaxcalan warrior that they were in love Popocatépetl was a warrior who returned victorious from the war to marry Iztaccihuatl, but the rumor had already reached her before that he had died and died of depression.

Upon arrival, The warrior could not handle the news, he took the maiden to the top of a mountain and there he watched over his love for a long time until he also died.

It is said that their bodies were left on two mountains and from there, when Popo remembers Izta he is very active.

However, the Tlaxcalan prophecy indicates that when ‘Don Goyo’ wakes up, the maiden will do the same and cause great chaos around her.

What is it called when you see shapes in things?

What actually happens with this image is called pareidolia, when objects, photos or something have a face.

It is a psychological phenomenon that characterizes the human brain. This helps to decipher our environment almost instantly, even if you’re wrong.