#Video: Yalitza Aparicio teaches us the perfect makeup to go out to parties

Yalitza Aparicio is undoubtedly one of the actresses which best represents to our country internationally. Even the young woman has been encouraged on several occasions to work as a driver and he has done it impeccably.

The protagonist of “Rome” It has also become one of the most followed Spanish-speaking influencersand that is because aparicio always shows Natural waysomething that today is something that every time it costs more to get on the networks.

The actress recently captivated her Instagram followers by showing what the perfect make up to wear at a party or special event. As mentioned earlier, Yalitza Aparicio He always bets on the natural, the classic, and also takes that premise to the world of makeup.

When it comes to wearing good makeup, Yalitza Aparicio ensures that the key is to prepare good face The actress usually applies a good serum and eye patches to hydrate the area and remove irritation and sensitivity of the skin. In addition, in this way the actress corrects the problem a bit of melasma that suffers in the skin.

Next Yalitza Aparicio apply first andn the eyes and a little concealer or shadow in cream in nude color to give you an even tone to the eye area. Next seal everything with dust and then outline the eye in depth with black eyeliner.

Then the actress curls her eyelashes and apply a good coat of mascara. To finish the makeup Yalitza Aparicio apply a little of sunscreen on the skin and then the base. Finally seal all makeup with compact powderAnd as for the lips the protagonist of “Rome” always choose to carry lipsticks in nude tones.

This makeup is the one that accompanies Yalitza Aparicio in each of his presentations and presence at various events those you attend. Even the actress published the step by step of her makeup routine on her YouTube channel.