#Video: Yolanda Andrade reappears tired and moved: “Just yesterday they told me it was not a tumor”

With tears and visibly weak, Yolanda Andrade reappeared before the media to talk about his health, he clarified that he had no relapse, as some assuren, since in the past he had problems with alcohol, however, this crisis has nothing to do with this, and because it is in a recovery process, will take time to rest.

Andrade said that it took too long to explain what he is suffering from, according to what the doctors told him, and thanked the production for the patience and the understanding they have had with her, pWell, in 23 years I had never missed work and if he has done it this time it is because He really can’t, his health doesn’t allow it.

“I want to rest, I am tired”, was what he said when he left from the XEW, where he was with his inseparable friend Montserrat Oliver, who listened attentively to the statements of Yolanda, who repeatedly said that she felt tired and that now, her priority is health.

“There was something about a tumor, they told me that it no longerToday I had an appointment with the doctor but we changed it because I had to record, I have to have my priority It’s my health right now and I don’t feel well,” he said into the microphone of “El Gordo y la Flaca.”

Andrade, who at all times was moved and wiping the tears from her face, she pointed out that for seven years old has an eye problem derived from an aneurysmHowever, crisis episodes They have been more recurrent.

Yolanda Andrade: “I am here by a miracle”

Although Yolanda Andrade is very grateful for the expressions of affection from friends and colleagues, says he would not share the medical diagnosis, now what you want is to rest, and announced that he is making decisions with Montserrat, Well, you don’t know what’s going to happen with the program “Montse & Joe”.

strongly requested that don’t ask Oliver about his health, Well, she doesn’t like to talk about it. besides that until yesterdayThey didn’t know exactly what he had, “Just yesterday they told me it wasn’t a tumor.”

In response to questions from some media about if she was afraid of death, Yolanda reflected and said:

“Everyone is going to die, we can all go through that episode, but we can also go through an episode of miracle, because miracles exist,” he said.

Andrade will take time to rest, Well, just as you’ve had good days, others are not so much so you don’t know what can happen more forward.

“Health is the most important thing, work too, but we are going to take a break because I respect my body and my health and my well-being, I need to talk to the producer because I love myself go to my house right now,” he said before leaving.

After staying for about three and a half hours on site from XEW, Yolanda Andrade left in her truckwhere he had some presents that made him come to this place, like a bouquet of red roses and a giant balloon.

On this occasion he did not want to give any further statements, but he rolled down his window a little to say: «Thank you very much for everything, I feel a little overwhelmed… I’ll be back next week.”