#Video: You will not get out of your astonishment to see how Featherweight was robbed in the middle of a riot

Featherweight he is the young singer of the moment which is enjoying the great popularity it has gained after “She dances alone”, the song that brought him non-stop fame, It will strike a chord with young audiences. Those lying corridos so typical they allowed him to break into the music industry even though many don’t like it.

It is that the singer is criticized, and the public toohis low vocal quality that edits with autotune. Therefore, for many the success of this young man is inexplicable much less understand the fame to which it has arrived. However, both him and his fans They don’t seem to care what the rest say.

It must also be said that Featherweight is just 23 years old and a whole artistic path ahead although several have investigated the past of the singer to know his beginnings, what he sang and above all how he looked. It always happens that aesthetic changes go hand in hand with fame and also what the producers request so that their clients adapt to an industry with more and more artists.

The truth is that a few hours ago a video circulated in which you can see how they steal a chain from Featherweight in the midst of a tumult. The jewel had diamonds and precious stones in the shape of Spiderman and is valued at half a million dollars.

This luxurious piece of Featherweight it was a gift from Prajin Music Group to the artist for his first sold out in the United States. The robbery took place when he was leaving his most recent show in Guadalajara, Mexico.

So far the team Featherweight has not reported the theft but it has not reported that the expensive piece has been recovered either. It is the TikTok clips that account for what happened and shocked the fans.