#Video: Zuria Vega and Claudia Salas present “Las Pelotaris 1926” in Mexico

Next to a pediment court, the Mexican actress Zuria Vega presented together with the Spanish Claudia Salas and Maria de Nati the Serie “The pelotaris 1926”based on real events about three pioneering women in the sport of Basque pelota.

The story takes place almost 100 years ago. and tries to put a topic in the conversation equality and female empowerment revealing the difficulties of a patriarchal and extremely conservative age.

“It is a tribute to all the pioneering women of sport, that opened a gap and now It’s up to us to present this series and do what we have from our trenches,” Vega said. before the screening of the first chapter.

production is a collaboration between Spain and Mexico, Is available in Vix+ With a total of eight chapters that will be released weekly.

“Upon arriving in Mexico we realized how important What is Mexico for us? and that they know that in Spain they are the best hosts”, expressed Maria de Nati.

“It’s very nice to be so far away and feel like you are at home, we hope many more years of collaborations to comeWe are very excited that you can see it for all the love that we have put”, added Salas.

The cast is completed by actors cLike David Chocarro, Antonio Gaona, Viviana Serna and Vicente Tamayo, under production by Marc Cistaré.

“We realized that the conflicts that these women were experiencing They are not that different from the that are lived today, unfortunately. It is a fight for women’s rights,” said Cistaré.