#Videos: Doja Cat and Jared Leto, the “cats” at the Met Gala 2023

Jared Leto he was not the only one who arrived dressed as a cat on the carpet of the fashion event Met Gala 2023, since the singer Doja Cat was also inspired by this feline idea for the look with which he arrived at this appointment.

American rapper 27 years old has been characterized for always looking extravagant during your arrival on the red carpets As happened in the last edition of the Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris, where he was shown with a body paint and 30,000 crystals were placed on the skin.

This time with a white outfit with rhinestones that it had ears of this animal, but also sHe placed a prosthesis on his face to simulate having a cat’s face, in his debut at this gala.

According to the statements that issued to Vogue, Doja wore an Oscar de la Renta dress, sleeveless with which he showed off his tattoos. He explained that Saccia Livingston was in charge of her nails, that made it look like claws.

The reason why both artists dressed as cats It was thanks to the fact that this year’s theme was to honor the designer fdeceased in 2019: Karl Lagerfeld, Who had this animal as a pet? called Choupette.

Ernesto Casillas was in charge of making up the star, who declared to Vogue that his intention was for his appearance to be more natural and beautiful, instead of it being a disguise.

So she looked for her makeup outside with shades of felinesoftly, with a fine line inspired by specifically in cats.

To top it off Doja Cat wore jewelry on her forehead to achieve a more glamorous look, referring to a third eye; he diamond I had is of a cost of a million dollars.