Videos of the desperate escape of Brazilian soccer players and their families through the streets of Kiev amid Russian attacks

The permanent tension that exists in the Ukrainian territory after the Russian invasion had a new chapter: after two videos asking for help, the Brazilian soccer players, who were sheltered with their relatives in a bunker of a hotel in Kiev, left the city. The professionals who, under normal conditions, represent both Shakhtar Donetsk and Dinamo left together with their private vehicles to a train station located two kilometers from the Hotel Opera of the Ukrainian capital.

Fear prevailed along the route with noises of explosions and shots that scared all the protagonists. Fortunately, they already boarded the train that was destined for the city of Chernivtsi, in western Ukraine and close to the border with Romania. Maria Souza, wife of the defender Marlon, recounted the dramatic departure from the hotel in the first person with tears of despair since any inconvenience could cost the life of the entire family. “We’re leaving here now. The embassy reported that three trains will leave. We’re going in a caravan to the station. Everything is very scary”he explained in the story.

The footballers on the train that took them out of Kiev

The train solution was proposed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, also known as Itamaraty, which selected a station in Kiev as a starting point and without the need to buy tickets. At first, the Brazilians refused to take the train citing lack of security, and Maycon, one of the soccer players, published an explanation on his networks: “For those who are saying that we do not want to walk 1.5 km to save ourselves, how would we do it? that in this situation, with children, women and the elderly! We are willing to make the necessary efforts to get out of here, but we just want security, to get to the places necessary to get out!”.

Given the complicated situation of the hotel in which they accused lack of food, failures in the Internet connection, among other problems, they decided to leave the place where refugees had been since the Russian invasion began last Thursday. “All of us who were in a hotel bunker in Kiev managed to get out of there. The Brazilian embassy gave us this train option. Who gave all the escort security to the train station was UEFA, together with the Ukrainian Football Federation. Thank you very much to all. No words to thank you! Now we are all on the train on a trip to the city of Chernivtsi, a city in western Ukraine, 535 km from Kiev, near the borders with Romania and moldova”, wrote Maycon in his profile of Instagram.

Marlon, Vitão, Ismaily, Dodô, Vinicius Tobias, Marcos Antônio, Maycon, Alan Patrick, David Neres, Tetê, Pedrinho, Fernando, Júnior Moraes and Vitinho are the proper names that managed to escape from the Ukrainian capital. Images from above the train to Chernivtsi transmitted tranquility to all the followers of the story and now they will have to pass the most complicated obstacle: cross the Romanian border.

Brazilians Ukraine Donetsk
The train that Brazil got to get its compatriots out of the Ukrainian capital


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