Violence in Ethiopia: at least four dead in a government bombing of a nursery in the capital of Tigray

A man checks the rubble of the bombed-out kindergarten in Mekelle, in the Tigrai region (Tigrai TV/Reuters TV via REUTERS) (TIGRAI TV/)

At least four people have died, including two a possible bombing by the Ethiopian Army against a nursery school in the capital of the Tigray region, bastion of the rebel movement of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Tigray (TFLP), again at war with Ethiopia after the end of the fragile ceasefire to the conflict that broke out in November 2020.

The provisional death toll has been confirmed by medical sources from the Ayder hospital to the agency Bloomberg. All of the agency’s attempts to obtain confirmation of the bombing from Ethiopian authorities have so far failed.

However, the bombing coincides with the statement issued this Friday by the Ethiopian government announcing the resumption of the air campaign against TFLP targetswhose spokesmen have unequivocally pointed to the authorities as being responsible for the attack on the nursery.

The remains of the attacked nursery (Reuters)
The remains of the attacked kindergarten (Reuters) (TIGRAI TV /)

“The vicious (Ethiopian) regime has outdone itself with today’s deliberate attack on a children’s building that housed a playground and kindergarten”said the TPLF Foreign Office in a statement published on its Twitter account.

“East ruthless and sadistic assault has claimed the lives of innocent children and adults in the most despicable way. Although the depravity of this barbaric regime surprises no one, they never fail to shock the human conscience. Once again, the butchers of the capital show their true face”, adds the note.

The TPLF further accuses certain “influential members of the international community” of “coddling a regime of sadists”as well as “falling into their misleading rhetoric of agents of peace.”

“You have called on ‘both sides’ to cease hostilities knowing that it has been (Ethiopian Prime Minister) Abiy Ahmed’s regime that has done everything to starve the people of Tigray. And, by doing so, you have failed a moral and fundamental test of humanity,” the note states.

Allegedly, the Ethiopian Army bombed a kindergarten in the Tigray region (Tigrai TV/Reuters TV via REUTERS)
Allegedly, the Ethiopian Army bombed a kindergarten in the Tigrai region (Tigrai TV / Reuters TV via REUTERS) (TIGRAI TV /)

The statement of the Ethiopian Government, on the contrary, has accused the TPLF of continuing the attacks despite the “open door” of the authorities to return to peace.

Thus, “and although the Government remains prepared to speak unconditionally”, the authorities have announced “the beginning of actions against the military positions” of the Front, according to the Ethiopian newspaper AddisStandard.

They have also made a calling on the population living in the Tigray region “to stay away from areas where TPLF military equipment and training facilities are located.”

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