Viridiana Alatriste: this was the tragic death of Silvia Pinal’s daughter

His father was one of the most important people in the entertainment industry in Mexico; his mother was one of the great actresses of national history and diva of cinema and television. Undoubtedly, Viridiana Alatriste was destined to be one of the protagonists of Mexican entertainment at the end of the 20th century and would have been, were it not for the terrible accident that stole his life when he was just 19 years old.

Here we tell you everything you need to know about the life and death of the only daughter of Gustavo Alatriste and Silvia Pinal.

Who was Viridiana Alatriste?

Born January 17, 1963, Viridiana Alatriste grew up surrounded by spotlights, sets and bombastic names. Therefore, it was not surprising that the goddaughter of Luis Buñuel and younger sister of Sylvia Pasquel decided to follow in her famous mother’s footsteps and focus on acting.

Their small screen debut It happened when he was only 10 years old, when he appeared with Silvia Pinal and Enrique Guzman in the program Sylvia and Henry. Three years later, in 1973, Virdiana landed her first acting role accompanying his mother in the musical annie is a shotMexican version of the Broadway hit, Annie Get Yor Gun.

Sylvia Pasquel and Viridiana Alatriste (Instagram) Sylvia Pasquel, Silvia Pinal and Viridiana Alatriste (Instagram)

He also added credits in other independent theater projects such as The Tamed Shrew Y Tartuffe or the impostoras well as the youth show Cachun Cachun Ra Ra!! and soap operas you will honor your own Y tomorrow is spring.

In addition, in 1981, he acted in the film the seductionbeside Katy Jurado Y Gonzalo Vega. Thanks to this paper she received a Ariel nomination -the most important award in Mexican cinematography- as Best Supporting Actress. A star was born.

How did Viridiana Alatriste die?

Unfortunately, the brightness of Viridiana Alatriste the rainy night of the October 25, 1982.

According to people close to the young actress, Alatriste decided escape from a party he had attended with friends to celebrate the end of the season of Tartuffe or the impostor when feeling tired after working more than twelve hours in a row.

On his way home, The Atlantic of Silvia Pinal’s daughter suffered an accident and overturned in a ravine. According to forensic reports, Viridiana Alatriste died instantly after receiving a blow to the temple.

Sylvia Pasquel, Silvia Pinal and Viridiana Alatriste (Instagram)

It was with a call that his older sister found out what had happened. “At 6:30 in the morning the phone rings, I answer and it was a friend. She tells me: ‘Look, we’ve been going up and your sister’s car is here, as she had an accident, I think it would be good if you came here.’ ‘Is Viri dead?’, he asked, and he says ‘yes’. I had a small stroller, it was killing me and I arrived at the scene, I had to recognize the corpse“Pasquel recalled in an interview with Jorge ‘El Burro’ Van Rankin.

Confirming what happened, Sylvia was forced to tell her motherwho was destroyed. “Viridiana’s death was for me like a clock that suddenly stopped and although I insisted on winding it up, and made it move by force, it never worked the same again,” Pinal said years later.

The Pinals remember Viridiana Alatriste

Although they have passed almost 40 years after the death of Viridiana Alatristehis memory lives on in his relatives, including his famous sisters.

In 2021, Alejandra shared a photo of her Day of the Dead altar with her sister in the center. While Sylvia published a series of images a few years ago where her deceased sister is seen sharing a special moment with her mother and the rest of her family.

The most beautiful moments of my life have been next to my family. You don’t know how happy it makes me to see this photograph and remember those dinners full of laughter, love and fun. They are always with me, I love them with all my heart!“wrote the also actress.

Although on fewer occasions, Pinal has also referred to his daughteras in that interview with Televisa Shows where she hoped that fans of Viridiana’s work would remember her as fondly as she did. “I fondly remember my daughter and I hope that some of those who see Cachún Cachún Ra Ra!! there they can remember it. I carry her in my heart forever“, he mentioned.

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