Visit the beautiful Islands of the Gulf of California in Baja California

A natural sanctuary with enormous biodiversity

There are more than 100 islands famous for their stark beauty and amazing variety of wildlife and marine life. They are a natural sanctuary: 29% of the birds, 80% of the reptiles, 3% of the plants and 41% of the mammals on the islands are endemic. In addition, it has 4,500 species of marine invertebrates and 891 species of fish, of which 90 of them are endemic.

Of the 17 species of seabirds that nest on the islands of the Gulf of California, 11 are migratory and six are Gulf residents. In addition, breeding colonies of California sea lions can be found.

It is a true paradise that offers an enormous diversity and abundance of marine life that, together with the transparency of its waters, earn it the description of “the aquarium of the world”, which was what the famous oceanographer Jacques Cousteau called it.

In fact, the islands are part of an area declared a World Heritage Site and are on a par with the Galapagos Islands and the Great Australian Barrier Reef for their ecological importance and unique beauty.

In this area you can practice photography, canoeing, kayaking, flora and fauna observation, diving and swimming. However, visits are regulated in order to preserve this natural paradise.

Activities and places:
• Guadalupe Island
• Cedros Island