Visit the beautiful paradise of Cuetzalan in Puebla

Pre-Hispanic and colonial traditions in the middle of the mist and natural landscapes.

Picturesque town that is located at an altitude of 1,000 meters above sea level. As it sits between hills and ravines, its winding cobbled streets and houses with red roofs are very frequently covered by fog, which gives it a very special character.

This unique landscape is combined with an incomparable smell of coffee, since one of the most aromatic coffees in the country is produced here, produced in one of the coffee farms that surround Cuetzalan where you can tour the coffee plantations and end with a tasting.

It is said that its original name was Quetzallan, that is, “place where quetzals abound” and offers a rich mix of history, tradition, crafts, gastronomy, festivities, handicrafts, natural beauties and much more. Cuetzalan is the heart of the Sierra Oriental, a meeting place between the towns of the highlands and the coastal towns.

activities and places

  • Main square
  • Saint Francis of Assisi Parish
  • House of Culture
  • Matachiuj Handicraft Market
  • Guadalupe Shrine
  • Walk the streets of Cuetzalan
  • Enjoy the adventure in a unique landscape
  • explore the caves
  • Enjoy the ecoparks