Visit the beautiful town of Bacalar in Quintana Roo

On the shores of the beautiful lagoon of the seven colors.

A Magical Town on the shores of one of the most beautiful lagoons in the country. With 60 kilometers from end to end (Uchben Kah to the north and Xul-Há to the south), Bacalar is the second longest inland lagoon in the country.

Furthermore, this lagoon is just the door to a huge lake and fluvial system in the south of Quintana Roo.

The place has a long history, since in Mayan times it was an important commercial enclave, a position that it also occupied during the colonial era, which is why the Fort of San Felipe was built in the 18th century to combat the incursions of the pirates.

The pirates, mainly English, entered from Belize in search of the valuable logwood (also called Campeche wood).

For the visitor, this enormous aquatic system offers unique opportunities for tours and adventures.

You can rent a boat to ride in the lagoon, or go into its mangroves in a kayak and it is ideal for practicing any water sport.

In the Uchben Kah park there are guided tours that allow you to see the best-preserved flora and fauna in the north of the lagoon.

On the shores of the lagoon there are several hotels and restaurants that offer you various options for both accommodation and to enjoy the regional cuisine.

Activities and places:

• Main square
• House of Culture
• International House of the Writer
• Church of San Joaquín
• Fort of San Felipe