Vladimir Putin and a message hanging on the wall

Vladimir Putin offered a lunch to his guests, the heads of state of countries that belonged to the Soviet Union, after the timid celebrations for Victory Day 2023 (Kremlin Press)

Maybe it was the fear of Vladimir Putin to suffer an attack. Perhaps the lack of euphoria and popular mistrust of a lackluster call. Or, why not, the shortage of weapons and soldiers to parade.

The truth is that what was supposed to be a great commemoration for the “victory day” -like every May 9 that the triumph over Nazi Germany in 1945 is remembered- ended up being a procedure of less than an hour, with an ephemeral speech in which the West was blamed for their own misfortunes. “Civilization is again at a tipping point”, the Kremlin chief said before a small audience. So few people turned out for the parade that even during the pandemic there were more.

But not only was a timid claque presented, but the show was poor in contrast to what is usually presented for this date: a single tank T-34 manufactured during the Second World War, few carrying weapons and some more armored vehicles could be seen. American political consultant Jason Jay Smart, a specialist in the post-Soviet era, was cruel. He said that at this point in the war there were more tanks in the hands of the Ukrainian peasants than in the hands of Moscow.

From February 24, 2022 Russia has been announcing that it will celebrate this anniversary with great victories on Ukrainian soil. It’s been two birthdays now… and nothing. The last promise was made by the patron of the mercenaries of the wagner group, Yevgeny Prigozhinwho boasted that he would conquer Bakhmut this May 9. A modest trophy considering the initial ambitions of the “special military operation”.

Bakhmut It is a small city that has become a symbol of the invasion -and the resistance- where the soldiers in the pay of Prigozhin they have been fighting meter by meter since last August. In these interminable months they gained some territory, albeit at a very high cost. Despite the blood spilled – on both sides – the billionaire hierarch cannot plant the Russian flag. Even, There are reports that in the last 24 hours their fighters had to retreat 500 metersan enormity considering what it demands to conquer each centimeter.

Prigozhin complains of being alone If you don’t get enough support from the Ministry of Defence Russian Driving Your Enemy Within Sergey Shoigu. If he doesn’t have the weapons he needs, he says, to finish his mission. He periodically threatens to abandon his positions. He even claims that the minister is lying to putin. A boldness to be true. It has a double objective: to press to continue with its business and to position itself politically for the future.

The loneliness of the oligarch at the front resembles the poor popularity that Putin exhibited in the “victory day”. Not only because of the lack of public during the parade, but also because of the call of heads of state, all from countries that were part of the Soviet Union: Nikol Pashinyan from Armenia, Alexander Lukashenko from Belarus, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev from Kazakhstan, Sadyr Japarov from Kyrgyzstan, Emomali Rahmon from Tajikistan, Serdar Berdimuhamedov from Turkmenistan and Shavkat Mirziyoev from Uzbekistan.

At the end of the main act, putin he invited his guests of honor to lunch. With a conspicuous and sudden absence: lukashenkothe faithful service provider of the head of the kremlin, he excused himself. It was reported that his health was not the best and she returned to her country. Some ironized maliciously: she did not want to accept a cup of tea after the feast’s epilogue and preferred to go back to belarus.

The other heads of state were encouraged to sit around the round table proposed by Putin whose backs hung, imposing, a painting full of symbols for these times. In it stood out the figure of Vladimir I, Grand Prince of kyiv. His children accompany him Boris and Gleb, considered the first Russian saints. Almost certainly the diners understood the unique message.

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