Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un and Nicolás Maduro warmly greeted Xi Jinping on his re-election for a third term

Xi Jinping congratulated by the leaders of Russia, North Korea and Venezuela

The Russian President, Vladimir Putinthe North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Unand the Venezuelan Nicholas Maduro were three of the first to congratulate the head of the Chinese regime, Xi Jinpingwho obtained his third term in the Asian giant after being appointed secretary general of the XX Central Committee of the Communist Party.

the language of greetings reflect the close alliance of the anti-Western axisat times when Russia keep the invasion going Ukraine Y China rivals USA as global powers.

Putin expressed his “warmest congratulations” to Xi.I will be delighted to continue our constructive dialogue and close joint work to strengthen relations of global collaboration and strategic cooperation between our states,” the Russian president said in a telegram released by the Kremlin, wishing the Chinese leader prosperity and “more success.”

Putin claimed that the results of the 20th CPC Congress “fully confirmed his high political authority, as well as the unity of the party he leads.”

Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, in a September meeting (via Reuters)
Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, in a meeting in September (via Reuters) (SPUTNIK /)

“I am sure that the decisions of the Congress will contribute to the successful implementation of the large-scale socio-economic tasks facing China, as well as to strengthening the country’s position in the international arena,” the Russian president said.

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The Kremlin chief also stressed his willingness to continue the constructive dialogue with Xi and the close joint work between the two leaders to develop strategic relations and interaction between the two countries. “From the bottom of my heart, dear friend, I wish you further success in your responsible work, good health and prosperity.”, Putin dismisses his telegram to Xi.

Kim Jong-un’s message

Meanwhile, the North Korean dictator sent his “warmest congratulations” to Chinese President Xi Jinping on his re-election as head of the Communist Party for a third term, state media reported Sunday.

Please accept my warmest congratulations on the happy news that (…) you have been re-elected General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Party”, states Kim’s message, according to the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).

Kim Jong-un and Xi Jinping (AP)
Kim Jong-un and Xi Jinping (AP)

“I, together with you, will shape a good future in DPRK-China relations, meeting the demand of the times,” the North Korean leader added, using the acronym for North Korea’s official name.

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China is a long-standing political and economic ally of North Korea. The relationship between the two countries was forged during the Korean War (1950-1953), when Mao Zedong sent millions of “volunteers” to fight against United Nations forces led by the United States.

Relations have fluctuated over the years due to Pyongyang’s growing nuclear ambitions, but both sides have worked to mend their relationship.

Maduro greets the “sincere friendship”

For its part, Ripe He stressed that “the trust placed by the Chinese nation in Xi Jinping, to assume this titanic responsibility for the third time, represents a living manifestation of his successful leadership during the last decade within the political organization with the most militants on the planet.”

The text highlights that Maduro “reaffirms once again the sincere friendship that unites our nations with the conviction that the People’s Republic of China will continue advancing and fulfilling its noble objectives, under the wise leadership of comrade Xi Jinping”.

“From Venezuela we reaffirm the commitment to continue promoting the close relations of cooperation, communication and coordination between our partiesto provide greater well-being to both peoples”, adds the note from the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry.

Maduro and Xi during a visit by the Chinese leader in 2014 (Reuters)
Maduro and Xi during a visit by the Chinese leader in 2014 (Reuters) (Jorge Silva/)

Xi, 69, was re-elected as general secretary of the ruling Communist Party and head of China’s Central Military Commission.

With the appointments, he is virtually assured of being appointed as China’s president for a third term, to be formally announced during the annual legislative sessions in March.

The appointments cement his position as the country’s most influential leader since Mao Zedong.

(With information from EFE and Europa Press)

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