Volkswagen plans to compete with Tesla in the production of electric vehicles

Tesla remains the leader in the production of electric vehicles (Shoko Takayasu/)

It is a fact that automobile manufacturers continue to accelerate development and production to achieve completely new models. electrical in the next years. For now, various companies are presenting new projects to be able to compete against the industry leader, which continues to be tesla.

It is no secret that some companies like ford, General Motors (GM), Stellantis (STLA), nissan and Volkswagenhave big plans to accelerate their programs to create electric cars for the next decade. Those who do not adapt quickly to the manufacture of electric vehicles They could be left behind and have a long way to catch up with the industry.

Companies that manufacture electric vehicles

Tesla (TSLA) is in the best position, since its model Y has been the electric vehicle best seller in the world. So far, it is the company that leads annual sales for its automobiles and is close to launching its first truck on the market. Cybertruck at any time, with a view to increasing its production in 2024.

In second place in sales of electric vehicles it’s found Fordwith three models: F-150, Mustang Mach-E and E-Transit electric vanbut in the first quarter of 2023 it was surpassed by G.M.. However, he continues to prepare for his new Explorer SUV (electric model) for Europe in summer 2024.

This summer, the company G.M. saw the release of the assembly line of the 2024 Chevy Blazer EV at its plant located in Mexico. This automaker industry also announced that in April of this year that it would discontinue its EV Chevy Boltby the end of 2023.

According to Maria BarCEO of G.M.the company would bring back the chevy bolt, using third generation batteries; However, he did not give details about the time when it would be carried out.

Besides, Nissan (NSANY) has declared that his electric vehicle, Leafwill be progressively withdrawn from the market in the coming years and its replacement will arrive in 2026.

Nissan, GM and Ford have also joined the fight to position themselves in the sale of electric vehicles
Nissan, GM and Ford have also joined the fight to position themselves in the sale of electric vehicles (Hendrik Schmidt/)

While nissan and G.M. they are withdrawing their electric vehicles progressively more accessible, Stellantis (STLA) has announced that it will launch a new Fiat brand model in July 2024, with an approximate cost of more than 27 thousand dollars.

Meanwhile, Volkswagen (VWAGY) reported that on September 29 will execute their plans to transition to electrification of their inventory through 2028, which includes the production of new models in the plant Wolfsburg, Germany. In addition to this, VW plans to make more electric models in 2025 of the successor to Tiguan Allspace SUVwhich is an almost production concept car.

Besides, Volkswagen will also begin manufacturing large quantities of a new SUV completely electric for your segment A in the year 2026.

“Our industry faces complex challenges as it undergoes a transformation that is taking place in difficult business conditions,” said the advisor of Volkswagen, Thomas Schäfer, in a recent statement. “It is even more important that we prepare our individual plants and the Volkswagen production network in Germany for the future. In the context of our performance program, this recently approved vehicle allocation plan will contribute substantially to a strong and competitive VW brand,” he added.

The production that was planned by Volkswagen in the plant Woflsburgin 2026, will now be manufactured in Zwikau, Germanyby 2028. Finally, the Osnabrück plant will continue to produce Porsche vehicles and will manufacture internal combustion cars Arteon and T-Roc.

Volkswagen’s Project Trinity sedan, initially scheduled for production at the Wolfsburg plant in 2026, will be produced at its Zwikau, Germany plant in 2028. The Osnabrück, Germany plant will continue to produce Porsche vehicles and will manufacture the combustion vehicles internal Arteon and T-Roc convertible.