Volodimir Zelensky asked Latin America “not to trade with Russia” so that it understands that for its invasion “it pays a very high price”

President Zelensky made a call to condemn Russia’s actions.

Five months after the start of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, President Volodimir Zelensky He spoke to Latin America for the first time through a videoconference with a Chilean university. Among his words, the head of state assured that the “Russian Federation tries to prevent our contacts with Latin American countries”

The meeting was coordinated by the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (PUC). The rector of the UC, Ignacio Sánchez, gave the first words and welcomed President Zelensky, In addition to informing that the President of Chile, Gabriel Boric, and Foreign Minister Antonia Urrejola were invited, who excused themselves from attending.

Zelensky left saying that they have been under attack by Russia for 175 days, after the invasion began on February 24 of this year. For the Ukrainian president, “the reason for the Russian betrayal against the Ukrainians has the character of a colonizing tool”, to add that “this war did not start 175 days ago. On February 24, Russia attacked Ukraine en masse (…), but the war started in 2014, when Russia occupied the Crimean peninsula.”

What matters to us is that the countries of Latin America know the truth and share our truth with others”Zelensky said and that “whether they are leaders or young people, we have many values ​​in common,” added the president about the objective of bringing the people of Ukraine closer to the Latin American. The leader also stressed that “They have to understand that the Russian Federation tries to prevent our contacts with the countries of Latin America and Africa because Russia has their influence.”

On the role of Russia and the development of the war, the president said that “Russia does not want to stop or end this war”, to add that “they started this war to eliminate us. They don’t want a middle ground. What interests them is to completely dominate Ukraine, that we do not exist”, stated the president.

Role of the international community and future

When asked about the role of Chile and the international community, Zelensky said that “Russia has to pay a high price. and that there should be a cessation of trade with them. “Do not maintain trade with Russia so that they understand that a high price is paid”, said the president.

I want you to join those policies carried out by the United States, make that sanctions policy more effective. Do not maintain trade with Russia, so that the Russians understand that a high price is paid for this”, Zelenski asked Latin America.

Zelensky made a special appeal to young people to visit Ukraine, referring to possible university exchange programs. “I would like to invite the students to Ukraine, because they are faster than my generation. Full of energy, not tied to previous perceptions. The students are the ones who can add energy,” said the president.

Finally, Zelensky wished that after the experience that his country is going through “I would like that after this terrible situation that we are going through now, each country understands the importance of respecting the sovereignty of other nations”.


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