Volodimir Zelensky demanded sanctions against Rosatom, the Russian state company for the development of nuclear energy

Volodimir Zelensky (Franco Fafasuli) (Franco Fafasuli/)

Ukrainian President, Volodimir Zelenskyinsisted this Saturday that Western pressure on Russia must increase until it reaches rosatomthe Russian state enterprise for the development of nuclear energyafter agreeing the European Union (EU) its tenth package of sanctions against Moscow.

The package is “aimed at the military industry, propaganda and the financial system”, Zelensky stated through his twitter account. But the pressure “on the Russian aggressor” must increasecontinues the message of Zelensky, who says to wait “decisive steps” against Rosatom and the nuclear industry of the Russian Federation.

Volodimir Zelensky captures tweet
Volodimir Zelensky’s message on Twitter

The EU’s 10th package includes a ban on the export of technology for military use and measures against Iranian companies that supply drones to Moscow.

Regardless of what is adopted the Twenty-seven have promised to find formulas with the G7 to penalize the importation of russian diamondswhile they continue without reaching an agreement regarding the Russian state company for the development of nuclear energy.

The agreement for the package was reached at a meeting at ambassadorial level this Friday, which was to be followed by its publication in the Official Gazette of the EU.

The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyenhighlighted in this regard that they were the largest sanctions ever imposed and that they also increase the pressure on those who try to circumvent them.

We now have the largest sanctions ever imposed, depleting Russia’s war arsenal and biting deep into its economy. We are also increasing the pressure on those trying to circumvent our sanctions,” he stated on Twitter.

Ursula von der Leyen captures tweet sanctions on Russia
Ursula von der Leyen’s message

The tenth package of sanctions is adopted”, celebrated in the same social network the high representative of Foreign Affairs of the EU, Josep Borrellwho added that the block “remains committed to his determination to make a dent in Russia’s war machine”.

Negotiations between the EU countries had stalled in recent hours due to the volume of synthetic rubber quotas that member states will be able to import from Russia, as Poland wanted to lower them, although the agreement was finally reached after more than twenty-four hours.

The agreed package includes, for example, stricter restrictions on the export of technology and dual-use itemsselective restricted measures against people and entities support the war spread propaganda either deliver drones Used by Russia in the war.

Josep Borrell tweets sanctions against Russia
The words of Josep Borrell (@JosepBorrellF/)

It also includes 47 electronic components that Russia can use in its weapons systems, such as drones, missiles and helicopters, in such a way that taking into account the nine previous packages all technological products will have been banned found on the battlefield.

The latest package of reprisals against the Kremlin also sanctions seven Iranian companies linked to the Revolutionary Guard that manufacture the drones that Tehran is giving to Moscow to bomb Ukraine and initiates the procedure to suspend the broadcast licenses to RT Arabic and Sputnik Arabic.

“They are permanently under the direct or indirect control of the leadership of the Russian Federation and have been used by it for its continuous and concerted actions of disinformation and war propaganda,” the EU Council explained in a statement.

The new measures include 121 Russian individuals and companies, including members of the Army “responsible for the deportation and forced adoption of at least 6,000 Ukrainian minors,” Borrell said. “This is a clear violation of international law, including the Geneva convention,” as I raised at the UN Security Council, he explained.

In the same way, enter new information obligations with respect to funds and economic resources of sanctioned persons and entities, as well as reserves and assets of the Central Bank of Russia immobilized by Member States.

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