Volodimir Zelensky disassociated Ukraine from the murder of Daria Dugina

Archive image of journalist and political expert Darya Dugina (REUTERS) (TSARGRAD.TV/)

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskystated that his country has no “responsibility” in the murder of the Russian journalist Would give Duginaafter the authorities of the neighboring country have blamed the attack on Ukrainian intelligence.

“She is not a citizen of our country, we have no interest in her and she was not on the territory of Ukraine.”Zelensky has settled in a press conference, according to ukrinform. The Government had already denied Ukrainian involvement in the crime, but until now the president had not spoken.

The Federal Security Service (FSB) of Russia has accused the Ukrainian intelligence services of preparing the attack and has identified a Ukrainian citizen as the alleged perpetrator, Natalia Vovkawho would have fled to Estonia after the crime.

The call
The so-called “Putin brain”, Alexander Dugin, at the funeral of his daughter, Darya Dugina, killed in a car bomb last Saturday (REUTERS / Maxim Shemetov) (MAXIM SHEMETOV /)

This crossing of accusations precedes the celebration this Thursday of Independence Day in Ukraine, a date that kyiv has been anticipating for days due to the possibility that Moscow will carry out a “provocation”, as Zelensky warned this Tuesday in a new address to the nation.

“Tomorrow is an important day for us and, therefore, unfortunately, it is also important for our enemy”pointed out the Ukrainian president, who does not rule out the possibility of “brutal attacks” on the occasion of this symbolic day.

While, Thousands of Muscovites approached Duguina’s wake on Tuesday. “Thank you all for coming. I didn’t know she had so many friends.”said Dugin, leader of the Eurasianist movement, during the farewell ceremony in Moscow.

Flowers at the funeral of Darya Dugina (REUTERS / Maxim Shemetov)
Flowers at the funeral of Darya Dugina (REUTERS / Maxim Shemetov) (MAXIM SHEMETOV /)

The day before, Russian President Vladimir Putin awarded Duguina posthumously with the Order of Valor. The Russian president also described as a “vile and cruel” crime the murder of the young woman, who worked as a journalist, political scientist and spokesperson for her father.

“She lived for victory and died for victory, for our Russian victory”, said the father of the deceased.

Duguina, 30, died last Saturday when a bomb exploded in the lower part of his vehicle. when he was driving along a road on the outskirts of Moscow, coming from a festival where he had been with his father, considered one of the ideologues of the Kremlin.

According to the Federal Security Service (FSB) of Russia, the crime against Duguina was perpetrated by an agent of the Ukrainian special services. Specifically, the FSB states that the author was a Ukrainian citizen, identified as Natalia Vovk, 43 years old.

Daria Dugina
Darya Dugina, in a file photo

The FSB (former KGB) claims that Vovk arrived in Russia on July 23 together with her 12-year-old daughter, Sofia, and rented an apartment in the same apartment building, where Dúguina lived.

After committing the crime, the perpetrator of the crime “fled to Estonia through the Pskov region”.

But a revelation fuels doubts about the Moscow version. The husband of the alleged author of the attack in which Dugina died would be a pro-Russian activist involved in the organization of the referendums on the split of Ukraine from the Donetsk and Lugansk regions in 2014.

As revealed by the Ukrainian investigative journalist Denis Kazansky on his Telegram account, Andrej Sergeevich Vovk, husband of Natalia Vovk, was one of the organizers of the “DPR referendum” in 2014 in Mariupol. Kazansky cited information on the website of “Keep the Peace,” an organization that provides information on pro-Russian terrorists, separatists, mercenaries, war criminals and assassins.

According to Kazansky and other observers, the link between the pro-Russian activist and the alleged perpetrator of the attack against Dugina is proof of the falsity of the version of the Russian Federal Security Service, which maintained that the murder was “forged and perpetrated by the services Ukrainian specials.

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