Volodimir Zelensky met with the head of the UN nuclear agency and visited troops in Zaporizhzhia

the ukrainian president Volodimir Zelensky visited army positions in the southern region of Zaporizhzhyawhich is partly under the control of Russian forces, and met there with the head of the UN nuclear watchdog, Argentine Rafael Grossi.

“I am honored to be here today, close to our military,” Zelensky said on social media, where he posted a video of himself with Ukrainian soldiers.

“I handed out orders and medals to the employees of the Security Service of Ukraine, the National Guard, the National Police, the State Border Guard Service and the State Emergency Service of Ukraine,” he said in his Telegram account, praising the work. of the officers.

“Thank you for protecting our state, our homes, territorial integrity and life in Ukraine. I wish you good health. I wish them a great victory, which will certainly come true, ”he noted.

For his part, Grossi, director of the International Atomic Energy Agency, shared images of his tour with the Ukrainian president.

“I have met Zelensky today in the city of Zaporizhzhia and we have had a rich exchange on the protection of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant and his staff. I will reiterate the plenary IAEA support for Ukraine’s nuclear facilities”, he wrote on Twitter.

In addition, he stressed that the hydroelectric power station on the Dnieper it is an essential part of the system supporting the nuclear safety of the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant. “Zelensky showed me the recent damage to the dam”, he added.

Grossi is making his second trip to the nuclear power plant since Moscow invaded Ukraine, with the aim of “assessing first-hand the serious nuclear security and protection situation at the facility,” according to the IAEA.

zelensky grossi

“Despite our presence on site for seven months, the situation at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant remains precarious,” Grossi said in a statement. “The dangers to nuclear safety are all too obvious, as is the need to act now to avoid an accident,” he added.

Grossi has proposed establishing a security zone around the site. “I remain determined to continue to do everything in my power to help reduce the risk of a nuclear accident during the tragic war in Ukraine,” he declared.

A new team of IAEA experts will accompany Grossi, since the agency has maintained a permanent presence at the plant since September.

The February rotation was delayed by almost a month, according to the IAEA, which denounced “the very difficult circumstances facing the experts.”

The plant has also experienced repeated power outages and needs a reliable power supply to ensure essential nuclear safety functions.

(With information from AFP)

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