Volodimir Zelensky said that Ukrainian and Russian troops are fighting “for every meter” in Donbas

Service members of the 24th Mechanized Brigade of the Ukrainian Army fire an artillery piece, while Russia’s attack against Ukraine continues, near Bakhmut (REUTERS / Leah Millis) (LEAH MILLIS /)

Russian and Ukrainian troops fight “for every meter” of land in the Donbasin a battle of attrition that causes many casualties on both sides without them giving up plans to launch new military operations.

“The situation at the front, especially in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, remains extremely difficult. This is literally fighting for every meter of Ukrainian land,” said the Ukrainian president, Volodimir Zelenskyin his daily speech.

According to the head of state, every day of resistance in “Bajmut, Vuhledar, Mariinka and other cities and towns of Donbas reduces the time of Russian aggression by weeks.”

In addition, resistance is key because it implies an “unprecedented destruction of Russian potential.”

According to the UK Defense Minister, Ben WallaceRussia would have committed 97% of its Army in the Ukraine.

Zelensky also assured that kyiv is doing “everything possible” so that its troops have more weapons for the offensive that they are preparing. In this sense, his defense minister, Oleksii Reznikovassured that Ukraine still needs a few months to prepare the counterattack.

Volodimir Zelensky, President of Ukraine (REUTERS/Valentyn Ogirenko)
Volodimir Zelensky, President of Ukraine (REUTERS/Valentyn Ogirenko) (VALENTYN OGIRENKO/)

“We are talking about several months in which we will be completely ready. And then, according to the decisions of the General Staff, certain steps will be carried out, ”he told the agency. ukrinform.

Regarding the weapons that Ukraine requires, the Minister of Defense said that “when there is a war, something is always in short supply.” “But we can’t say that the situation is critical and we don’t have (ammunition) to stop the (enemy) offensive,” he assured.

In this sense, he reiterated that Ukraine is ready to stop the Russiansbut the more weapons you have, the “better”.

For his part, Reznikov also announced today that he will not resign from his position despite rumors that he will soon be replaced by the head of military intelligence, Kyrylo Budanov.

“It has been a decision of my president,” Reznikov said in statements collected by The Guardian.

The Ukrainian head of Defense was on a tightrope for about two weeks due to a corruption scandal in his portfolio for which several senior officials were dismissed.

Precisely the fierce Ukrainian resistance in the bastion of Bakhmut, in Donetsk, allows Kiev to wear down the Russian troops in the face of the announced counteroffensive, considers the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW, for its acronym in English).

A Ukrainian soldier fires a rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) (REUTERS / Marko Djurica)
A Ukrainian soldier fires a rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) (REUTERS/Marko Djurica) (MARKO DJURICA/)

“Ukrainian defense of Bakhmut has significantly depleted Russian forces and will probably set favorable conditions for a future Ukrainian counter-offensive,” the ISW states in its daily report.

In the opinion of the center’s analysts, in the event of taking Bakhmut without great resistance, Russian troops could expand their operations in such a way as to force Ukraine to hastily build new fortifications on “less favorable terrain”.

In this way, according to the ISW, the defense of the city, which Kiev would have been advised to abandon by its Western partners, and the preparation of the counteroffensive are “probably complementary activities” and not self-exclusive, sums up the ISW.

Meanwhile, the Russian Ministry of Defense assured today that it is continuing the offensive in Donbas and causing multiple casualties to the enemy.

Previously, Moscow claimed that one of its offensives had pushed Ukrainian soldiers back up to three kilometers into a wooded area in the Lugansk province. “Ukrainian fighters left their positions in a hurry without taking their equipment and their dead”affirmed the Russian party.

Ukrainian soldiers fire artillery at Russian positions near Bakhmut in Donetsk province (AP Photo/LIBKOS)
Ukrainian soldiers fire artillery towards Russian positions near Bakhmut, in the Donetsk province (AP Photo/LIBKOS) (Libkos/)

kyiv, for its part, denies the Russian advance and assures that it has repelled the enemy’s attacks in some twenty towns. “Over the past day, units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled attacks by the occupiers in the Nevsky, Kreminna and Bilohorivka districts” from the Lugansk region, says the Ukrainian military report.

At the same time, Ukraine denies that the Russians have taken control of the town of Krasna Hora, located between the cities of Bakhmut and Soledar, as claimed by the Russian forces.

Russian military bloggers reported the continuation of bloody battles in the towns of Vuhledar and Mariinka, both in the Donetsk region, where Russian and Ukrainian troops are fighting in the urban area.

Russian analysts believe that the mention of repulsed attacks on the village of Pobeda in the last Ukrainian part indirectly confirms the Russian advance, since the aforementioned village lies on a road between Vuhledar and Mariinka and its capture would give an advantage to the Moscow troops.

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