Volodimir Zelensky urged the Ukrainians to resist the winter to defeat the Russian troops: “To endure is to defend everything”

Volodimir Zelensky, President of Ukraine (Reuters) (EyePress News /)

Volodimir Zelensky He asked the Ukrainians this Sunday to endure the winter because, although “it will be difficult” because of the war and “no matter how hard it is”, it brings them closer “to victory”.

“It is worth taking this winter not as a test, but as a time, a time that brings us closer to the main thing, to victory. Each of these 90 days of winter, ”the President of Ukraine stated in his usual evening speech.

Zelensky assured that the Russians hope to “use winter” against the Ukrainian people, to make “winter cold and hardship part of their terror.” “We have to do everything to make it through this winter, no matter how hard it is. And we will endure. Enduring this winter is defending everything”he stressed.

Russia “still has missiles and an artillery advantage,” the president acknowledged, but the Ukrainians have “something that the occupier does not and will not have”: “We defend our home, and that gives us the strongest possible motivation. We fight for freedom, and that always multiplies any force. We stand up for the truth, and this unites the whole world around Ukraine.”

To get through this winter, according to Zelensky, Ukrainians have to defend themselves “more than ever”, be “even more resilient” and even be “more united than ever” and, therefore, “there can be no conflicts or infighting”.

Zelensky called on Ukrainians to resist the winter (REUTERS / Leah Millis)
Zelensky called on Ukrainians to resist the winter (REUTERS/ Leah Millis) (LEAH MILLIS/)

The Ukrainian armed forces maintain “firm positions”, but all must do “everything possible” to support and strengthen the defense forces.

For his part, the US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinkenaccused the Russian regime on Sunday of using winter as a weapon in the war in Ukraine and accused it of attacking the infrastructure and energy sources of citizens in the European country.

In an interview with the network CBS in the program face the nationthe head of US diplomacy assured that the Russian president, Vladimir Putinrejected attempts at dialogue to get out of the conflict and, instead, intensified its offensive.

“He has doubled down on everything: mobilizing more force, annexing territory in Ukraine and now trying to weaponize winter,” the secretary of state said.

Blinken stressed that because Russia “has not been able to win on the battlefield” Putin’s government is now attacking Ukrainian civilians “by going against their energy infrastructure, trying to leave them without electricity and without heating.”

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken accused Russia of using winter as a weapon in the war in Ukraine (REUTERS/Stoyan Nenov)
US Secretary of State Antony Blinken accused Russia of using winter as a weapon in the war in Ukraine (REUTERS/Stoyan Nenov) (Stoyan Nenov/)

Blinken’s comments come a day after the US Director of National Intelligence, Avril Haineswill ensure that the conflict in Ukraine will subside during the winter months, with the parties taking time to reconstitute and rearm for a new offensive in spring, according to US media.

“Honestly, we see that there is already a slower pace in the conflict”Haines said at a national defense forum in California.

The official also said that Russia is using up its munitions much faster than they can replace it, so Moscow is seeking military support from other countries, including North Korea.

“We think they’re not able to produce what they’re spending in-house at this point, so it’s going to be a challenge,” Haines said.

The Russian regime received a blow to its finances this Friday, after the G7 countries, the European Union and Australia agreed last Friday to put a cap of 60 dollars on a barrel of Russian crude transported by sea, which they hope will limit the revenue that they are using to finance the offensive against Ukraine.

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