Waiter throws food on guest at family party and it goes viral

  • The young man was distributing the dishes to several tables at the same time until an accident occurred

The audio of “My first job” has gone viral on social networks, because you can place it as a background at times when people make mistakes during their work day or the time they are hired, just as a waiter did during a party familiarwho spilled food on a guest and was caught on video.

Through the official account @Soy_leonidas in Twitterthe video circulates in which during the festival, at the time of offering the sacred foods, a young man approaches with a tray to distribute the saucers to the guests, who was carrying more than five Styrofoam plates, while his companions helped him distribute them to the other tables.

However, at the moment when he wanted to speed up the distribution of the trays to the diners, the waiter forcefully grabbed the plate, which was made of Styrofoam, in such a way that he broke it and spilled part of the plate on a lady’s face, who screamed from feeling it on his eyelid and forehead.https://d-5934263572683870306.ampproject.net/2311212202000/frame.html

At the moment when the woman feels the broth dripping on her face, a man who seems to be her partner, immediately takes the plate so that it does not continue to spill on the victim’s clothes, who proceeded to clean himself with some napkins that he the diners who were at that table offered

The networks make the moment viral

The terrible accident went so viral that it was the subject of ridicule by internet users, who used audio modified with artificial intelligence from Eladio Carrión and Mike Towers to put it as background music, referring to the fact that the waiter was newly hired and his first job in the social events and banquet service union.