Warner Announces Its Own ‘Smash’ Video Game That Will Combine Characters Like Scooby-Doo

Image of the free online fighting video game from Warner Bros, | Credit: Warner Bros

With the rise of crossovers, collaborations, cameos and multiverses, film, series and video game companies want to make the most of the characters at their disposal to generate new proposals that want to entertain their audience.

Following this trend, Warner has decided to announce ‘Multiversus’, its team fighting video game proposal that will put characters from renowned franchises such as ‘Game of Thrones’, ‘Scooby-Doo’, Cartoon Network and some DC heroes into frenzied confrontations.

With a video ad and some images, you can see a title with a gameplay very similar to the renowned ‘Super Smash Bros’, the renowned Nintendo fighting video game that has collected its own multiverse since 1999, which has given its name to a game style (Smash), a formula that has tried to be replicated numerous times with little or no success. However, aware of this, Warner seeks to attract the community with a cross-play game that will be available for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC, that is, this video game wants the games of this video game are paired with all the players on these platforms.

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(Photo: Warner Bros. Games Latino)

The game has so far announced to 13 playable characters; Shaggy, Reindog, Steven Universe, Garnet, Harley Quinn, Arya Stark, Finn, Wonder Woman, Jake the dog, Superman, Batman, Bugs Bunny and finally we will have Tom and Jerry who will act as one. The video game raises as a differentiating factor a team fight in which the combination of skills will be crucial, therefore, there will be some special powers that can only be activated jointly by the players.

It was also announced that ‘Multiversus’ will have a season systemAs it is a free video game, it can be assumed that it will be from there that they will get their business model by offering a paid season pass that will bring users closer to unique cosmetics and other elements.

Warner also announced that more characters will be added, before and after the game’s launch. Finally, the community will be able to have a look at this new proposal through a trailer that seeks to convince more than one, in addition, from this moment players will be able to apply to access a closed beta in which they can still experience the game under development and prior to release.


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