Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs and the importance of saying “no” to achieve true success

Warren Buffet

american businessman Warren Buffet He is usually always well remembered for his great phrases. One of them, related to success, generated a great debate when he pronounced it for the first time years ago and, over time, it still divides waters.

“The difference between successful people and truly successful people is that truly successful people say no to almost everything.”

“Remember that time you said ‘no’ to something and then regretted the decision?”is usually one of the thoughts that run through people before rejecting an invitation, as he writes Marcel Schwantes in an article published in inc.

Warren Buffett (Reuters)
Warren Buffett (Reuters)

The Disadvantages of Saying “Yes” Too Much

For Schwantes, if people are able to let their egos and insecurities dictate their actions and continue to say yes instead of no, it is not a sustainable business or life practice. “Inevitably we will crash and burn”he maintains.

According to the author, many individuals say yes to everything and end up taking on more commitments than they can handle. “If you’ve been through that, you know the outcome: higher stress and lower qualitywhether at work, in life or simply in decisions in general”, says the director of Human Resources.

“If you keep saying yes to everything that comes your way, you will be surprised what can happen when you finally start saying no”keep going.

Steve Jobs preached “no”

06-10-2021 Steve Jobs at an Apple presentation event.  APPLE / TWITTER
06-10-2021 Steve Jobs at an Apple presentation event. APPLE / TWITTER (APPLE / TWITTER /)

The co-founder and former CEO of Manzanawho died in 2011, was blunt at a World Apple Developers Conference in 1997:

“People think that concentrating means saying yes to what you have to concentrate on. But that is not what it means at all. It means saying ‘no’ to the hundred other good ideas out there. You have to choose carefully. In fact, I’m just as proud of the things we haven’t done as the ones we have. Innovation is saying ‘no’ to a thousand things”.

Schwantes believes that devoting attention and concentration to something, be it an investment opportunity, the launch of a new product or a new hobby, “means taking time away from something else”. “By the second half of 2022, give up all those so-called “opportunities” with potential to focus on the ones that are most important,” he recommends.

The author concludes that simplifying life means knowing what to say no toespecially to a thousand different bright and enticing opportunities that may seem tempting but are actually not really helpful.


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