Was Christian Nodal unfaithful to Belinda with Cazzu? The clue that would reveal the truth

Belinda has returned to solo music with ‘Cactus’, her new song.

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‘Cactus’, Belinda’s new song, has left the ‘Belifans’ surprised by the singer’s return to music and also by the symbols and hints she dedicates to her ex.

Belinda has been a topic of conversation since the release of her song ‘Cactus’, where supposedly talks about her ex-boyfriend, Christian Nodal. And now, almost a week after its premiere, fans have found a series of signs that would reveal something discouraging: The singer was unfaithful to ‘The Princess of Latin Pop’ with his current girlfriend Cazzu.

In his song, where he explores the genre of corridos tumbados, Belinda makes several points that remind us of Nodalbut fans have delved into the images of the clip and discovered this “hidden message.”

The theory that states that Christian Nodal was unfaithful to Belinda

The theory The possible infidelity of Christian Nodal to Belinda with Cazzu is supported, according to fans, because the ‘Luz sin Gravity’ singer wears a dress similar to the style worn by the Argentine rapper.

Apparently, these signs indicate that a third person would have entered the relationship between Belinda and Nodal, which lasted 2 years and was about to reach the altar. This signal also appears in the ‘Cactus’ video, where Beli wears a wedding dress for a wedding that never happened.

This was stated by some users in a TikTok viral video: “In video fourteen of Cazzu, she has clothes similar to this one that Belinda is wearing”, “They changed her for Cazzu, sometimes beauty is not everything”, and “I think the tinda is because he dedicated himself to tarnishing her image ”.

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Another theory from Belinda and Nodal: they claim that she was expecting the singer’s child

Speculations and theories about What does Belinda’s song mean? They are not something new. Since the release of ‘Cactus’, there has been talk about the possible origin that inspired Belinda to write the lyricsand also about how the ‘Sapito’ singer had supposedly been pregnant.

One of the details that caught the most attention was the presence of a lullaby at the beginning of the video. Some fans interpreted this as a possible reference to a pregnancy.

nodal and cazzu

Christian Nodal and Cazzu began a romantic relationship shortly after the singer and Belinda broke up.

(Instagram @nodal)

Also, in the video, Belinda appears in a wedding dress, which some interpreted as a reference to the fact that she was going to marry Christian Nodal. She also appears with her hands stained with ink from her ex-partner’s tattoos. Let us remember that recently Nodal and Cazzu welcomed Inti, their first daughter together.

Some fans even compared the situation to the song ‘Everytime’ by Britney Spears, which supposedly talks about an abortion that resulted from her relationship with Justin Timberlake.

Until now, Neither Belinda nor Christian Nodal have confirmed or denied these rumors. Therefore, everything remains speculation and theory.

Belinda cactus

‘Cactus’ by Belinda has had a good reception.

(Instagram @belindapop)

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