Was Martha Higareda the lover? Yanet García exhibits it, but the actress says that she lies

War broke out between Yanet Garcia and Martha Higareda. One points to the other being the lover of her then boyfriend, and the other branded the ex of her current partner as a liar. Meanwhile, the person involved, Lewis Howes, is silent.

And it is that a few days ago Yanet García commented to a follower who asked her for advice, because she had just finished with her ex, and was already dating someone else. So Yanet confessed: “I understand you perfectly. The same thing happened to me, I ended up with my ex and two weeks later I was already in Tulum with Martha.”

So Martha Higareda was quick to react, and in an interview with Venga la alegría she called Yanet García a liar.

“It is very sad that he puts it this way because obviously that is not true. Luis is a very upright person and every time he has a relationship he stays with that person in that relationship. Note that he did not write a message to me in my Instagram until he was single. The first thing I did, I saw his social networks and he did not have a photo with any girlfriend. It seems strange to me that she tells that story because I can say it with all her letters: ‘IT’S A LIE’ ” .

However, The Weather Girl decided to show proof of her sayings, and assured that no one would shut her up. She recalled an interview where Martha Higareda did not want to say when her first kiss with Lewis was, and even Yordi Rosado joked about whether the gallant was married.

According to Yanet, Martha’s thing with her ex was cooked since he was with her, so she even compared dates. He confirmed that she broke up with Howes on May 13, 2021, and by June 1, Higareda was out for a walk with the former football player.