Was the marriage proposal between Paola Suárez and her boyfriend false? This is what Jesus said

Paola Suárez’s boyfriend filed a complaint against the member of ‘Las Perdidas’.

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The controversy over the case of Paola Suárez and her boyfriend José de Jesús has left several questions open; Now, new information has come to light.

Jose de Jesus Castro has made statements again to address the alleged attack on Paola Suárez, which took her to the hospital for almost two days, putting her health at risk. On this occasion, the boyfriend of Paolita from ‘Las Perdidas’ spoke about how they would have planned the marriage proposal that they officially announced on social networks.

During an interview on the program ‘De Primera Mano’, led by Gustavo Adolfo Infantethe influencer’s boyfriend declared that everything “was false” and had a purpose that both had supposedly agreed upon: publicity.

“That (marriage) proposal was false. She told me to come with the ring. It was a joke, well”Jesus mentioned. And he added: “It was like doing publicity, because in fact I don’t like being on camera.”

You can see the full statement from Paolita’s boyfriend below:

This was the marriage proposal of Paola Suárez and her boyfriend

Paola Suarez and her boyfriend were in a bar on Tuesday night, with their friends. That was where they starred in the moment when he asks her to marry him., as seen in a video shared by the ‘Las Perdidas’ influencer on her Instagram account. “Comadres, well, I’m marrying you. They just surprised me. I feel nice, oh,” Paolita wrote in the title of the publication.

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The alleged attack occurred around 7 in the morning, as confirmed by his escort, who also assured that they had not taken drugs and described Jesús as an “aggressive” person.

Paola Suárez left the hospital

This Friday morning, it was announced that Paola Suárez had been discharged from the Regional Hospital of León, Guanajuato. Maldonado Duckcommunicator of ‘Telediario’, reported that The 31-year-old content creator left around 10:00 p.m. after doctors determined she is out of danger..

Until now, neither Paola Suárez nor Wendy Guevara or Kimberly ‘The Most Precious’ have confirmed this information. ‘Las Perdidas’ is expected to offer a statement in the next few hours. We send you a lot of strength in this difficult time.

Paola Suarez

Paola Suárez shared all the details about her attack.

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