Was there a romance between Jacky Bracamontes and William Levy?

The war of declarations between Elizabeth Gutierrez and Jacqueline Bracamontes did nothing but revive the memory of the fleeting romance that the former beauty queen had with William Levy, at the time when they starred in ‘Sortilegio’.

She had just ended her courtship, characterized by violence, with the current husband of Bárbara de Regil, Fernando Schoenwald. “The emotional tension that he was experiencing at that time was very strong,” Jacky once told ‘El Gordo y La Flaca’.

In fact, although she did not clarify that it was Fernando, Bracamontes did report in ‘netas divinas’ that one of her ex-boyfriends abused her to the point where she defended herself with her hands: “(It was) a relationship of verbal violence, or whether he wants to do less for him to feel more, […] I really am very calm, I hold on, I breathe. It made me mad and I started ‘shut up, shut up’ and I started hitting him, I him, because I couldn’t anymore. But imagine how long this had already been going on for me to get to that ‘shut up’ point and start hitting him.”

So single and sharing the spotlight with William Levy, the flame was lit. Currently there are bickering with Elizabeth Gutiérrez about whether she got pregnant to retain the Cuban and thus prevent her from staying with Jacky, but was there really something between Bracamontes and Levy?

In his book The catwalk of my life, Jacky Bracamontes confirms that the romance progressed because he told her that he was separated from Elizabeth Gutiérrez: “He had told me ‘I’m not with my wife, we are separated’ that’s why we were dating as well as seeing what was happening”.

However, it soon became known that Elizabeth was pregnant. So Jacky recounted: “It was a shock because I didn’t expect him to tell me that because he had told me that they weren’t together, so how? by the Holy Spirit?

“I knew that his situation was complicated, that he had a son and I did not want to start a family with a person who already had children, but there was a lot of chemistry, we got along very well, we had a great time together, we had a lot of fun.”

Faced with criticism for revealing what happened to William Levy, Jacqueline had already defended herself in an interview with People en Español: “I’m telling you what I’ve learned, what I’ve tripped over, what I’ve cried, what I’ve suffered. wrong a lot, so what have I learned from those mistakes.