Washington will maintain its unwavering support for Ukraine regardless of the outcome of the US elections

File image of White House deputy spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre. EFE/EPA/Yuri Gripas / POOL (Yuri Gripas / POOL/)

The White House said on Monday that the support of USA to the war effort Ukraine will follow “unwavering” although Republicans, who have expressed concern about the level of spending on military aidwin the mid-term elections that are held this Tuesday.

“We are sure that the support of the United States will be unwavering and firm,” the press secretary told reporters. Karine Jean Pierreadding that the president Joe Biden is “committed to working in a bipartisanas it has been doing, to support Ukraine.”

Kevin McCarthywho will become speaker of the House of Representatives if Republicans take control of the chamber, recently warned that there would be no “blank check” to help Ukraine if his party is put in charge.

Ukraine’s fight against Russian military invasion has the support of much of the Republican base, although far-right legislators close to the former president donald trump (2017-2021) have expressed criticism of the repeated release of funds in armaments.

Some Trump-inspired Republicans have attacked the level of US assistance to Ukraine, including $40 billion passed in May on bipartisan lines and a request by Biden to release other 11.2 billion.

Trump was active during the midterm election campaign.  (REUTERS/Marco Bello)
Trump was active during the midterm election campaign. (REUTERS/Marco Bello) (Marco Bello/)

But Mitch McConnellthe top Republican in the Senate, has promised to go further than Biden and accelerate the supply of weapons, including the most far-reaching, while Mike Pence, who was Trump’s vice president, recently took direct aim at critics of arming Ukraine.

For his part, the French president, Emmanuel Macron, stated this Monday that he hopes that the support of the United States for Ukraine in the war will be “cross-party” and that the commitment will be maintained, regardless of the results of the legislative elections.

During a press conference after his intervention in the assembly of the Climate Summit COP27which is celebrated in the Egyptian city of Sharm el SeikhMacron refused to make predictions about possible scenarios after the elections, but stressed that Washington he has been a very involved ally and he wanted that conviction to remain, even if there are changes in the balance of political forces.

US elections

After months of primary elections, campaign events and fundraising, the midterm elections finally arrive on Tuesday in the United States, where control will be decided by Congress and the governments of various states.

Republicans are predicting a landslide victory while eager Democrats will try to defend their narrow majorities in Congress, against the general discontent around the economy, crime, and the leadership of President Joe Biden. Democrats are hopeful that the popular backlash against the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down abortion rights will save them.

The current political environment has opened up the competition unusually, and emboldened Republicans are now trying to make inroads into Democratic strongholds like New York, California, New Mexico and Washington state. Even so, the most striking contests are those of Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, which could help decide the 2024 presidential election.

Due to several close races and lengthy vote counts, it could be days or weeks before final results are known.

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