“We already call him ‘CaLOSE-elo'”: Floyd Mayweather Jr. mocked Canelo Álvarez again

“Money” is now a trainer and has his boxing gym (Photo: Instagram/floydmayweather)

The disappointing fight between Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez and Avni Yildirim keep giving something to talk about. Despite the fact that the Mexican boxer looked very superior and won by technical knockout barely to the third round, the undefeated multi-champion Floyd Mayweather Jr.. she taunted him, pointing out that it was “really easy to beat him” when they clashed.

But that was not all, since the former American boxer called it ‘CaLOSE-elo’referring to the way he lost it.

“Beating Canelo was really easy. Canelo was so easy. We already say ‘Calose-elo’. He throws me a Canelo hook, wait wait, he throws a Canelo hook. Do you want to fight when you throw punches like that?” he mentioned to fight hype Mayweather, while mimicking and laughing at the Mexican.

Floyd stained the Mexican's mark, being the only one to beat him (Photo: File)
Floyd stained the Mexican’s mark, being the only one to beat him (Photo: File)

‘Money’ (50-0, 27 KOs) and Álvarez (55-1-2, 37 KOs) met in November of 2013 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, in Las Vegas (Nevada, USA) for the title Superwalter of the World Boxing Council (WBC). On that occasion, the fight did not end in a knockout, but they went until the last round, where the American took the fight by decision of cards 114-114, 116-112 and 117-111.

On some occasion Floyd has already been questioned if he would fight the mexican again but he has not ruled on it, because he always finds a way to avoid answering. While Saul has left his name behind as he is now in other categories looking for the unification of their titles.

It is worth mentioning that this is not the only time that Floyd has made fun of Canelo and that goes back a couple of years when Álvarez announced his signing with the streaming platform DAZN to obtain one of the most impressive millionaire contracts ever seen, making him one of the highest paid athletes in the world.

Floyd Mayweather subtly mocked Canelo Álvarez and his million-dollar contract with DAZN (Photo: Guillermo Peea / Cuartoscuro)
Floyd Mayweather subtly mocked Canelo Álvarez and his million-dollar contract with DAZN (Photo: Guillermo Peea/ Cuartoscuro) (Cuartoscuro/)

However, for Mayweather Jr. that it meant nothingbecause he pointed out through his social networks that all the money that Canelo makes in all his fights, he generates it in half an hour.

Floyd was a man who during his time as a boxer showed a lot of strength and he faced all kinds of fighterseven to another of those who was pointed out as his great rival of the time that is Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao and also beat him.

Now “Money” has focused on his career as coach and also giving illusions about possible exhibition bouts against Conor McGregor and several others.

Avni in shock and crying, after falling with Canelo

(Photo: Twitter@DAZNBoxing)
Yildirim was the mandatory challenger, after Saúl defeated Callum Smith (Photo: [email protected])

Joel Diaztrainer of Yildirim (21-3, 12 KOs) revealed that the Turk was in a state of shock after the third round and after losing, broke down in tears in the locker roomin addition to showing a feeling of disgrace to his country. This is what he said for the YouTube channel You can’t play boxing.

In the first round I told him that we were going in to feel how Canelo was coming, to see what he brings. For the second round I saw that they were beating him and I told him ‘hey, you’re not doing anything

In this sense, he admitted that Avni was not prepared for the magnitude of the event. And it is that, after Álvarez knocked him down in the third round, he thought of giving him one more round to try to motivate him, but his boxer I no longer answered anythingso he decided that “it was enough”.

“I told him ‘hey let’s put courage’, but it came all gone, all out of control and in the corner he told him, ‘Avni you have to let go of your hands, they are beating you needlessly, you are being tortured. How do you feel? I’ll give you one more round,’” she revealed.


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