“Welcome to the world!”: Mark Zuckerberg announces the birth of his daughter Aurelia

Mark Zuckerberg unveiled Friday March 24 the birth of their daughter Aurelia and the CEO of Meta boasted about it on his Instagram account.

Aurelia Chan Zuckerberg is the third daughter of the marriage of Mark Zuckerberg and Priscila Chan.The businessman and owner of Meta welcomed the baby, who appears in a photograph with him and in a second take on the his mother’s chest on the hospital stretcher.

“Welcome to the world, Aurelia Chan Zuckerberg! You are a small blessing.” indicated in your account from Twitter in a post what already It adds more than a million “Likes”.

It was in September 2022 when Zuckerberg announced on his Instagram account that his wife Priscila was expecting the third daughter of marriage: “Lots of love. Happy to share that Max and August are having a new baby sister next year!”

The couple already had two little girls: Maxima and August.

Mark Zuckerberg’s love story

The CEO of Meta has been in a relationship since 2005 with Priscila Chanof Chinese origin, who studied medicine at Harvard Universitywhere they would have met years earlier at a frat party.

In 2012 the couple decided to get married. at a ceremony held in Palo Alto, Calif. In social networks Zuckerberg share details of your life and shared initiatives with his wife.

The businessman born in White Plains, New Yorkis creator and founder of Facebook and its current president.

In April 2018 he was the youngest character to appear on the list of billionaires from Forbes magazine.