Wendy and Nicola, out of control! Intense dogging and kisses, that’s how they enjoyed the Galilee party

Wendy Guevara did not hesitate to celebrate big, and even dogged to the floor.


“The house of the famous Mexico” ended this Sunday, but the celebrations for the victory of Wendy Guevara continue. On social networks, videos circulated of how much fun she and Nicola Porcella had at a party organized by Galilea Montijo

“The house of the famous Mexico” ended this Sunday in style: with the victory of Wendy Guevara and audience levels that have not been seen for a long time on Mexican television. This reality show left us with everything, from funny moments and togetherness to controversies, lawsuits, gossip and, of course, funny memes.

Wendy Guevara and Nicola Porcella They were crowned as the sensation couple as a result of the relationship they cultivated in the reality show and, to show this, they did not hesitate to get out of control during the party that Galilea Montijo, host of the reality show, offered to celebrate the end of “The House of Famous Mexico”.

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Obviously the details of this super celebration could not remain a secret, and it is that various moments of this spectacular party were shared through social networks where “Wencola” totally took the night: between kisses, perreo to the floor and fun, this couple was the last to leave. Know the details!


It was through the Instagram stories of various guests that fans of “The House of Famous Mexico” were able to witness the spectacular party that Galilea Montijo offered at his home to celebrate the success of the reality show and, of course, the victory of Wendy Guevara. The celebration, which featured live music, all kinds of drinks and incredible decorations, quickly ranked as one of the most popular events of the year.

Wendy Guevara and Nicola Porcella made it clear from the first moment that they are just great friends; however, the attendees did not hesitate to insist that they kiss, drink and dance togethersomething to which they willingly agreed.

In the videos that quickly went viral, you can see Wendy already nicola give a quick “piquito” kiss that caused a sensation. In another video, the couple andHe is dogging intensely “to the floor” in the midst of the hubbub of the guests. With all this fun, it was no wonder that lthe couple was the last to leave from Galilea Montijo’s house, where they spent an unforgettable night, as was shown on social networks.