Wendy Guevara and Nicola Porcella suffered a vehicle accident in Campeche, a lawsuit broke out!

Wendy Guevara and Nicola Porcella were in Campeche because they attended a local carnival.

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The couple of friends lived an embarrassing moment in Campeche after the accident; watch the video of the clash between Wendy Guevara and Nicola Porcella

The truck in which Wendy Guevara and Nicola Porcella were traveling, along with their production team, had an accident in Campechetriggering a strong argument between the driver and those affected, who, apparently, were asking for one million pesos for the damages.

In social networks, Several videos have gone viral that reveal what happened after the event that the finalists of ‘La Casa de los Famosos México’ had to witness.

What happened to Wendy Guevara and Nicola Porcella in Campeche?

It turns out that the vehicle Wendy and Nico grazed another parked car after participating in the Campeche Festival. According to local media reports, this made the owner of the other vehicle angry and even demanded one million pesos for the damages.

Supposedly, Wendy Guevara’s driver tried to flee. Although the images show how the man got out of the vehicle to try to clarify the situation.

“Let him stay. You hit the car. “You get off!”, a female voice is heard among the affected people.

Wendy Guevara in Campeche

Wendy Guevara was in the back of the truck.


Seeing that the driver did not get out of the vehicle and continued moving forward, the crowd began to hit the car and blocked its path.

Until now, neither Wendy Guevara nor Nicola Porcella have commented to clarify the situation in Campeche.

However, her group of fans has come to her defense, arguing that Wendy and Nico had nothing to do with the incident and that the owners of the other vehicle were exaggerating because of the scratch.

“I see just spoiled people hitting the car, so they are acting correctly?”, “Oh, what is their fault that Mr. Haya touched the other car?”, “The insults towards Wendy and the blows towards the truck. That is aggression, I would be scared too and the artists are not to blame at all,” were some of the comments.

Meanwhile, the finalists of ‘LCDLFM’ celebrated their recognition in Campeche as the Kings of the Show.

Wendy Guevara lived with her fans after the accident in Campeche

After reaching an agreement with the owners of the vehicle they hit, Wendy and Nicola took time to mingle with the fans who arrived at the truck.

In the end, everything was a scare.

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