Wendy Guevara eats kisses at the RBD concert: Who is the man?

Wendy Guevara eats kisses at the RBD concert: Who is the man?


“Kiss me without fear… without explanation”As the RBD song says, the content creator Wendy Guevara fearlessly kissed a man in the middle of the RBD concert… And not even remotely!

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The winner of La Casa de los Famosos México attended RBD’s last concert at the Azteca stadium as a special guest, where she greeted fans, hung out with the band’s singers in the dressing rooms and even kissed a man.

In each RBD show during the song “Kiss me without fear”, the “kiss cam” is turned on and the audience is recorded while they kiss. Wendy Guevara, who enjoyed the concert in the front row, did not miss the opportunity and ate kisses. Like no!

But the man was not neither Marlón, nor Nicolla Porcella. Then who? On social networks, some users questioned the identity of the person.

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This is apparently a stylist known to the famous influencer and queen of reality shows.